Craigslist Dangers - Part Deux

Craigslist Dangers - Part Deux

This is a discussion on Craigslist Dangers - Part Deux within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Another Craigslist incident. This time in my town. On that note, I sold some tools on Craigslist recently. In three of the cases, where I ...

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Thread: Craigslist Dangers - Part Deux

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    Craigslist Dangers - Part Deux

    Another Craigslist incident. This time in my town. On that note, I sold some tools on Craigslist recently. In three of the cases, where I was speaking with an interested party, they ALL asked where I lived! They wanted to come to my house to get the items!!

    Of course, I told them "No one comes to my house that I do not know". One of them immediately hung up on me, the other two never called back to confirm the purchase agreement and to arrange a safe meeting.

    Here is the article I found:

    Tallahassee Man Shot After Craigslist Deal Goes Sour

    A Tallahassee man is thankful to be alive after a deal on Craigslist almost cost him his life.

    The 26-year-old, who goes by A.J., was shot in the upper chest late Wednesday afternoon.

    A.J. says it happened when his purchase of an iPod from a guy he met on Craigslist went sour.

    Once inside his Melrose Luxury apartment, AJ says the suspect told him to give him his money, they struggled over the gun and that's when he was shot.

    The suspect then fled the scene and AJ was treated and released at Tallahassee Memorial.

    The suspect is described as a black man between 18 to 20 years old with long spiked dreads who possibly goes by the name of "Tony" or "Antonio."
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    You did the right thing.
    You can educate ignorance, you can't fix stupid
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    I listed an ad on craigslist the other day. Interestingly, the first 3 or 4 replies that almost immediately rolled in were not... quite right. Very sing-song way of writing, complimentary, very Asian in their composure, if that makes any sense. Like someone unfamiliar with the way Americans speak (type) to one another was giving it a go. I was immediately suspicious when they all mentioned having their "mover" come by to pick up the item, and needing a physical address. No thanks, I'll pass.

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    I just get bad vibes from Craigslist.

    I'm not looking for such a good deal that I'll risk my life over it.

    I stick with ebay.

    I'd rather fight with ebay and paypal over fraud, than fight for my life over a Craigslist deal gone bad.
    Semper Fi

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    Ive bought a few things no worries but I am also kinda scary looking I guess, so that helps. lol
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    I went to a small town today to check on a boat from Craigslist. Boat, trailer, and trolling motor for $300. On the way there I begin thinking about these threads. I had a pistol on my strong side and one in my back pocket behind my wallet. I met the guy in a public place and then followed him to where the boat was. Ended up buying a boat, trolling motor, two new swivel seat, and new paddle for $150, left the trailer. But I was very aware of my surroundings and it wasn't at the end of a dead end road. I went by myself but did let others know where I would be and why I was going. All in all in worked out but the reminder of this and similar threads certainly made my SA peak. I stayed condition yellow the whole time. But as I sit back and think about the whole situation I realize that it could have been bad. Being a man of prayer doesn't hurt either. Granny used to say that God watches over drunks and fools. I don't get drunk so I guess I'm just thankful I was foolish enough God had to pay a little extra attention to me today.
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    A month or so back someone posted a new site called Armslist. A Craigslist equivalent for guns. I posted one that I had for sale and then started imagining the transaction that would take place and I didn't like my thoughts. The possibilities were pretty unpleasant since I wasn't selling a lawn mower. I pulled the listing.
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    I sold a rear axle from a project car on Craigslist. In the initial listing i posted that we would meet in a public location to make the transaction. I emailed with the buyer (from a legit email address) for about a week and spoke to him on the phone (with a non-blocked cell number) several times. On the day of the meet-up, he called to get final directions. When i told him the area, he mentioned his parents used to live in the area and listed off several landmarks and crossroads. From there i just gave them directions to my place. We spent a few minutes out in the garage talking cars before cash and items were exchanged. Really, it just comes down to common sense and listening to that little voice inside your head when it tells you "something ain't right with this". The Glock was on my hip, just in case my voice was slacking that day. Craigslist is a great resource if used safely. Unfortunately, it's just as good a resource for BG's when combined with people who are situationaly aware.

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    A useful alternative is the consignment route. At a shop with some decent foot traffic, you get a targeted set of "eyes" looking at your item, and the advertising's already (basically) done for you.

    For general items, I'm much more inclined to do a garage sale, but one with a few families, with multiple people to watch the "store" as people come and go. Almost anything is safer than having a valuable item where strangers come to your home to discuss a "sale."

    Good reminders about the risks. Perhaps people will wake up, at some point.
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    Posting your phone number?

    Hope you use a phone number that doesn't trace, if you are worried about Craigslist being a here's a "place to rob" web site.

    As posted before, all I need to do is enter my home phone into Google and it gives my name, address, and a map to the house.
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    I let them come to my house, but not inside. I don't mind going to other people's houses to get stuff. I'm only a tad worried, not alot.
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    I just sold three items last week from a Craig's list posting. Have done it several times in the past. Never one problem. Bad things happen at times.
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    I have bought a couple of things off of craigslist over the last couple of years and have had no problems. All but one of the times, I have driven to the person’s house to pick up my items, but I never go inside their house...ever. On every purchase I have taken a friend and my SD gun. With so many people out of work and trying to get paid you never know when things will go south, fast.

    Just use common sense!!!
    A good friend will come bail you out of jail...But a true friend will be sitting next to you saying "Damn we screwed up".

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    I recently sold some extra ammo to a guy through an online guns classifieds site (not craigslist). I have used this site before without issue. This time however, the guy seemed just creepy. We met in a shopping center parking lot after sunset. He wanted me to get in his car. I refused and dealt with him through the car window. Maybe he just didn't want it to look like a drug deal, but no way I was getting in his car. The deal went okay but my spidey sense was definitely telling me something was not right about that guy.
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    Always listen to your 'spidey sense'.

    - Gavin DeBecker
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