Burglar picks wrong house July 28, 2004 (BISMARCK, N.D.) — National Guardsman Chris Seil says instinct took over when a man tried to break into his North Dakota home.

Seil recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq. He says his military training kicked in when he heard glass shatter in his house. Seil ignored the pleas of his wife, grabbed a pistol and took off after the guy.

Seil was barefoot and wearing only pajama bottoms. He jumped a fence and chased the suspect. Seil says he cocked his gun and ordered the intruder to halt. When the guy tried to punch him, Seil kicked the intruder\'s legs out from under him and jumped on his back. He then walked the guy to a nearby police car.

The burglary suspect is now being held on 35-hundred dollars bond.