Very Bad: Officer arrested for pulling motorists over, charged ‘roadside fee’

Very Bad: Officer arrested for pulling motorists over, charged ‘roadside fee’

This is a discussion on Very Bad: Officer arrested for pulling motorists over, charged ‘roadside fee’ within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Officer arrested for pulling motorists over, charged roadside fee The Bradford County Sheriff's Office has arrested a member of the Lawtey Police Department. Kenyatta Sheffield, ...

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Thread: Very Bad: Officer arrested for pulling motorists over, charged ‘roadside fee’

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    Angry Very Bad: Officer arrested for pulling motorists over, charged ‘roadside fee’

    Officer arrested for pulling motorists over, charged roadside fee

    The Bradford County Sheriff's Office has arrested a member of the Lawtey Police Department.

    Kenyatta Sheffield, a part-time officer, is accused of offering to let speeders pay fines in cash while he had them pulled over, reports First Coast News.

    The little town has a reputation for being a speed trap, it is now getting a worse name.

    Sheffield called it a "roadside fee."

    Police said they got the tip on the alleged scam when he pulled a woman over three weeks ago. "She was told she could pay a roadside fee of $191. In doing so it would eliminate the point on her driver's license," Lawtey Police Capt. Shane Bennett said.

    The girl didn't have the cash, so she called a friend for help. That friend knew something was fishy and called the cops.

    Sheffield went as far as escorting another women to an ATM to get cash.

    He then voided the tickets, obliterating all identifying information, such as tag numbers, reports First Coast News.

    Police said Sheffield wrote about 350 tickets over the last couple of months.

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    And as hard as I argue on the side of LEO, here comes this story. Fortunately, I know that they are not all like that
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    I recall a similar case a few years back in NC, where the officer targeted Hispanics (hoping for illegal immigrants) and asked them to pay cash on the spot to let them go. He even took some of the females to his cruiser for sexual favors.
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    Stupid. This must be mentioned, or will be discovered, on future job applications, and will be on hard drives for the rest of his life.

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    I hope so.

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    Did you guys know about the reader's fee? Contact me privately and I will give you my email address for Paypal remuneration.
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    Thats a good idea... Nobody will ever figure out what I'm doing... What a moron. Kenyatta? What kind of name is that?
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    I have encountered this before... in a 3rd world country... where the police were generally poor and could be bought.

    $20. Panama, before the invasion.

    No ticket. Worth it.

    But I hope this doesn't catch on here in America.

    (I didn't bribe the police. I was a passenger.)

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    I would tell him and any other police officer that wants money up front with out poof of me giving it to him to just give me the ticket and I would ask the judge for the same deal that you are giving me out on the side of the road.
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    He deserves what he gets..

    I just tell them its a stimulis plan..lets keep that economy going...
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    Well my mom works dispatch and caught a cop who was only pulling over young, white, blonde women. She called him on his cell and asked if he had a thing for young blondes. He actually tried to play dumb. BUSTED!! NCHP seems to be getting rather notorious for their on duty escapades lately. It's definitely out there.

    On a related note. My step dad got a ticket in McCormick county SC. He went to the courthouse to pay the fine on Monday. And they asked him, no joke here, "Who's name do you want this listed under." He even gave them his name and it never did show up on his insurance. Hmmm?
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    He will have a great career in the Burger King

    Its people like this that give us LEOs a bad rap sometimes
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    One thing that IS comforting: that this makes the news means it is pretty uncommon.

    To the vast, vast majority of LEOs who *aren't* on the take: thanks for taking the risks you do as you put bad guys in cages. May God protect you.
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    Once, many moons ago, I was pulled over for speeding in Montana. The trooper gave me a ticket for $5, payable in cash on the spot - no points, no court, no nothing. I was convinced that he just wanted to go buy a sandwich, and that I had just paid for lunch...

    I later found out that, at the time, Montana was protesting federal speed limits by issuing "wasting natural resource" tickets for most day time speeding... When I heard that, I got a $20 ready for my next trip through Montana - I figured I'd give it to the first trooper I saw, and tell him I was going to speed through the whole state!

    This guy, OTOH, is a Grade-A scum bag. Having spent the better part of the last 5 years overseas, I know first hand what truly corrupt police systems are like. We in the U.S. are FAR from that state, but every crack in our system must be quickly and aggressively attacked and repaired. I hope the bury you under the jail, former part-time officer Sheffield.
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    He's just a part time cop and gonna be a full time crook
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