Ok, this is creative

Ok, this is creative

This is a discussion on Ok, this is creative within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Robbers distract victims with feces in Toronto | accessAtlanta Robbers distract victims with feces in Toronto The Associated Press TORONTO — Toronto police say robbers ...

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Thread: Ok, this is creative

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    Ok, this is creative

    Robbers distract victims with feces in Toronto | accessAtlanta

    Robbers distract victims with feces in Toronto

    The Associated Press

    TORONTO — Toronto police say robbers are squirting people with feces at cash machines to distract them before stealing their money.

    Constable Tony Vella said Friday that the robbers use squeeze bottles to squirt the victims who are making cash withdrawals. The offenders then help them clean the feces off their clothing, and in the process, they steal their money.

    Vella says the robberies have happened four times in downtown Toronto in the last week.

    He says groups of at least four suspects are usually involved. One person squirts the victim's clothing with feces, another points out the offending spot, a third person tries to remove it and the fourth person grabs their cash.

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    That is just some nasty.....

    Situational awareness...it's your friend...
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    find the perps responsible and have them serve their sentence out on a pig farm, cleaning HOUSE!
    Disqusting fools
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    That's a thing to do
    Trust in God and keep your powder dry

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    That just stinks!
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    Somebody needs to distract the perps with some lead. Oh, sorry, this IS Canada. Let me rephrase that. Somebody needs to distract the perps with sniveling and whining.
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    or maybe a good dose of bearspray, you should always carry bearspray never know when one of those pesky critters will show up!

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    i also read about that. bad enough beening robbed but to be as disgusting
    as that was, what the heck is wrong with people.
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    the world coming too"



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    Oh, Yeah, that's a "Good Shoot" if ever there was one!
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