Kentucky: Lexington homeowner shoots at home invasion suspect

LEX18 | Lexington, KY | News, Weather, Sports, Kentucky | Lexington Homeowner Shoots At Home Invasion Suspect

A Lexington man fired shots at a suspect who broke into his home early Wednesday morning.

Police say a man kicked in the front door of a home along Republic Court around 3 a.m. and entered the house. The home owner woke up when he heard the noise and grabbed his gun. He says that when he went into the hall and flipped on the lights, he saw the suspect standing there. The homeowner fired a few rounds and the suspect ran out of the house. Police say they don't think the suspect was hit. The homeowner says he saw another man running with the suspect as he fled.

The suspect didn't get away with anything in the house.

Investigators say the suspect was wearing a dark blue jacket, possibly a jean jacket, dark blue jeans and a bandana on his head.

If you have any information, call Lexington police at (859) 258-3600.