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Bad: another workplace shooting - several dead - Connecticut

This is a discussion on Bad: another workplace shooting - several dead - Connecticut within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by 21bubba Jang. What is the "unexpected angle" the shooter's race? Sorry if I am unable to follow said angle. The shooter's girlfriend ...

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Thread: Bad: another workplace shooting - several dead - Connecticut

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21bubba View Post
    Jang. What is the "unexpected angle" the shooter's race? Sorry if I am unable to follow said angle.
    The shooter's girlfriend said that he claimed to be a victim of racial harassment.

    I also doubt race was the only factor.
    "He was asked to resign after he was caught on tape stealing beer from the facility."

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    IMHO -- evidence for allowing carry for self-protection at work.

    However, the anti-RKBA press is already playing the other way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paaiyan View Post
    I'm guessing the unexpected angle is that the shooting is in some way rooted in racial tensions. Most of us were probably expecting a worker disgruntled at missing a promotion or pay raise.
    That exactly.

    The racial/social discrimination angle toward mass murder attempt reasoning is relatively rare.
    Last one was the incident at the school in for immigrants in NY state and prior to that was the hunting camp shooting n WI by the Hmong culture gentleman.

    Not unheard of but as related to the other incidents of same relatively rare and atypical; Minority shooter AND shooter being motivated by/using as an excuse the feeling of racial/social inequity & disrespect.

    - Janq

    BTW these people are never crystal clear in innocence, as is this case here with fingers having been caught int he cookie jar company conversation.
    With these 'Falling Down' type people it's always someone elses fault as mental reason for them going off the deep end, yet they fail to recognize their own action/reaction as being inclusive to their own problems if not even in some cases being the catalyst.
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpringerXD View Post
    The problem, though, is that this happened on company premises and I'm willing to bet that the company has a strict "no guns" policy. As much as I hate to sound like I'm politicizing a horrible tragedy, this is gun control at its finest.
    Indeed this and other incidents like it are terrible tragedies. This once again illustrates that a company policy (whether or not one was in place in this instance) is not an effective defense or deterrent against acts of violence by disgruntled (or mentally disturbed) employees or non-employees. I suspect that the BG wasn't too concerned that he might lose his job if he shot up the place and killed fellow employees. Maybe a legally armed employee could have stopped it early on, perhaps not; but unfortunately, many employers don't give us that chance.


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    Liability, not safety or deterrence drives many things today.

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    Wow. Just wow.
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    I just read he was called back in to be given a chance to resign because he was caught on video tape stealing beer from his employer (a beer distributor). I've never been a fan of the "suspend someone and call them back in to discuss disciplinary action" approach. I had to do this with an unstable employee a few years ago (another issue of his own actions and choices) and I can't carry at work. I was so concerned something like this would go down, I called the police and had 2 officers in the next room with a door slightly ajar 5 feet from the conversation. It got heated, but was relatively uneventful. I'm still looking over my shoulder though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveH View Post
    IMHO -- evidence for allowing carry for self-protection at work.

    However, the anti-RKBA press is already playing the other way.
    Fairly ridiculous, isn't it? The murderer already broke every law in the book. As if he'd be deterred by another law, or even a dozen. He wanted to be a murderer that day, and he was prepared to go into "the pit" to get the job done, irrespective of what risk he might have found for himself. And disarming the victims ahead of time did nothing other than ensure each and every one of them would have no effective response to such an attack. Everyone single good guy, due to policy, was effectively disarmed. The rest, unarmed due to disbelief such a threat might ever come true. Had everyone been armed in that business, it's almost certain the outcome would have been different than nine dead and many wounded. The anti-gun people should think of that when they blindly jump to condemn what they haven't fully considered.
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    Thoughts: Justifiable self defense (A.O.J.).
    Explain: How does disarming victims reduce the number of victims?
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    And yet more and more companies continue to band legal CCW's from carrying in the work place. It is like hanging big bells around our necks saying come get us! The crazies are not going to go through the process to legally carry. My heart aches for all those needlessly lost!
    Best Regards from Minnesota,


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    This was apparently done with a handgun, not an AR. how could they screw that up?
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    Here's a bit more, latest reportage.

    Steve Hollander said he thinks Thornton had guns stashed in his lunch box.
    So we're probably looking at one or more hi-cap semi-autos, maybe a Glock or two? In the linked story above, it suggests he was going for headshots every time, hence the high body count. He was busted for theft, so the racial angle is not persuasive here - more like a justification.
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    some very bad news:

    Joanne Hannah described Thornton as an easygoing guy who liked to play sports and video games. She said he had a pistol permit and planned to teach her daughter how to use a gun.

    (about a third of the way down)

    It just goes to show people do whatever it is they think they need to- regardless of legality or outcome.
    "a reminder that no law can replace personal responsibility" - Bill Clinton 2010.

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    And now they are playing the race card. It doesn’t matter what race someone is, a thief is a thief.

    Family: Racial bias caused Conn. gunman to snap
    MANCHESTER, Conn. (AP) — Omar Thornton sat calmly in a meeting with union representative and his supervisors as they showed a video of him stealing beer from the distributor where he worked.

    Busted, he didn't put up a fight, company officials said. He quietly signed a letter of resignation and was headed for the door when he pulled out a gun and started firing — "cold as ice," as one survivor described it.

    In the end, Thornton killed eight people, injured two, then turned the gun on himself in a rampage Tuesday at Hartford Distributors that union and company officials said they would not have anticipated from someone with no history of complaints or disciplinary problems.

    Yet relatives say Thornton, 34, finally cracked after suffering racial harassment in a company where he said he was singled out for being black in a predominantly white work force.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paaiyan View Post
    Oh dear... I'm betting AR-15 with that description. This is really sad to hear. Hopefully we'll get lucky and the media will villainize the man and not the rifle.

    You'd have a better chance at winning the lottery 3 weeks in a row. We all know the media will blame guns and the white rednecks who cling to them.
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    I had to let one guy go 30 years ago. I was concerned enough to have a 44 mag in my pocket when I told him. Keep in mind that back then Texas had no concealed carry law but I figured that I would take what came down if I had to use it. He did get hot and broke a door on the way out but no one ever knew that I was armed.

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