Standing your ground in Florida....

Standing your ground in Florida....

This is a discussion on Standing your ground in Florida.... within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Seems as if defenseless attorney are taking advantage.

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Thread: Standing your ground in Florida....

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    Standing your ground in Florida....

    Seems as if defenseless attorney are taking advantage.
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    I'm in a duty to retreat state. But this would not require even me to retreat. Immediate threat to my life allows me to act without retreating.

    "A gang of young street thugs drove into a rival gang's turf, guns at the ready, looking for a fight."

    Why would the aggressor be allowed to use this? Why would it be a problem if the victims used it? If the victims are criminals, I'm sure they can be brought up on related charges, say felon with a gun. Or are the juror so clueless that they are being bamboozled by defense attorneys?
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    i have an idea. add one line in the "stand your ground" law. this law does not apply to citizens engaging in gang activity or criminals in which they are the offender.

    so criminals cannot defend themselves if they suddenly find themselves at the open end of the barrel of a gun when their failure in the victim selection process fails

    its pretty simple if you ask me. we all know, criminals by definition don't obey the laws. so, they shouldn't be afforded the protection they are meant to provide the law abiding citizen.

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    don't some states have laws that say you can't claim SD when engaging in criminal acts?
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    This happened in my hometown and I have been following this. I do believe Florida doesn't allow for this defense claim if you are involved in a crime or criminal act at the same time. I believe this is a case where the defense is searching to make a "loop-hole" defense for these gangsta's and is putting legal "stand your ground" laws in jeopardy.
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    First of all, I voted!

    "Now, I can go to a gunfight and stand my ground."
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    This is what happens when politicians and lawyers get involved. I think America is developing a maturity problem. Where are the grown ups around here?? Why can't they simply apply a "reasonable man" aspect to the law? I think we could all live with that.

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    Harsher penalties for illegal gun ownership. Might not have helped in this case, but if convicted felons caught with a gun were locked up forever it would make a big dent in this kind of problem.
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    I wonder how many of the prosecutors complaining about this have dropped gun charges against these same offenders, or let the off with easy plea bargains time and again?

    The Stand Your Ground law already excludes those engaged in criminal conduct (like, for example, a felon unlawfully carrying a gun to a gang fight....)

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