Finally a good Pitbull story

Finally a good Pitbull story

This is a discussion on Finally a good Pitbull story within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; You hear all the bad, but finally a good one. Pit saved a lady and 2 year old. He even jumped in the car to ...

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Thread: Finally a good Pitbull story

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    Finally a good Pitbull story

    You hear all the bad, but finally a good one. Pit saved a lady and 2 year old. He even jumped in the car to go home with them.

    ][PHP]The Florida woman, who has been identified by authorities simply as "Angela," was leaving a playground with her toddler son in Port Charlotte when a man approached her in the parking lot with a knife and told her not to make any noise or sudden movements.

    Angela didn't have to do either to protect herself and her child -- a dog mysteriously ran to the scene and charged the man, who quickly fled.

    "I don't think the dog physically attacked the man, but he went at him and was showing signs of aggression, just baring his teeth and growling and barking. It was clear he was trying to defend this woman," Animal Control Lt. Brian Jones told Pet Pulse.

    "I don't know what this man's intentions were, but it is very possible this dog saved her life."

    The exceptional part of the story, Jones said, is that the dog had never met or even seen the people it quickly jumped to defend.

    "You hear about family dogs protecting their owners, but this dog had nothing to do with this woman or her kid," Jones said. "He was like her guardian angel."

    After the alleged thief ran away, Angela quickly placed her son, Jordan, in the car and tried to drive off. Before she could, though, the dog jumped into her backseat, waiting with her for the police and animal control officers to arrive at the scene.
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    If I were that lady, I would find out what shelter they were taking that dog to and adopt it.

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    If the dog is not claimed in 5 days she is going to adopt it. As the owner of a rescued pitbull I am elated at this story and hope others will pass it on. They are fantastic and loyal animals.
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    The dog jumping in the with them made me laugh and made the whole story wortH while for me.
    Apparently the dog knows a good thing when he sees it, hopefully the owner does too.
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    I have the same feelling about dogs as I do about people. I am prejudice. I hate rectal apertures. I care not about breed, race, color or religion.

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    The only reason we don't hear more good things about American Bull Terriers is because the MSM wants the bad, it gets better ratings.
    Pits are wonderful, loving and loyal to a fault. Abuse and mistreat any breed and you have a dangerous animal. Pits just happen be stronger and more tenacious pound for pound than most other breeds.
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    Finally a good Pitbull story
    God bless that dog.
    But your headline said it all. The reason you don't read more good stories is because there are many bad stories, few good ones.

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    Ah... there's lots of 'good stories'... they just hardly ever get told to the media or into the media, and they don't help ratings like the negative ones.

    Maybe it's the odds, but I haven't seen any particular breed that gave me any concern, pits included. .... they've all been nice, gentle, etc.
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    One of the best urban search and rescue dogs in the U.S. is an American Bulldog.
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    I have a feeling that reporters and cops ID pit bulls like they ID AKs and Glocks.
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    Glad they're both ok. I hope they're able to adopt the dog. It sounds like the dog has already adopted them. I don't doubt the story or the actions of the dog in the least bit. The biased media only shows one side normally, just as they do with firearms. Negative stories = positive ratings. Pit's jumping in to protect a child is nothing new. It seems to be bred into their nature. Hence, their previously known profession as a nanny dog.

    My rescued Pit has more than once stood ground for children as unrelated and unknown to us. One particular instance was on a local bike trail. I usually keep a light control(well behaved and walks right at my side) on the lead in case she needs to do her thing and in this case she did. I was walking behind a mother pushing a baby stroller and a gentleman was approaching ahead that just seemed "off" to me by his mannerisms and body language.

    The dog picked up on him a good 50 yards out and I could tell she was going to go full throttle(line of hair down the back went up, fully focused on him etc...). I actually let out the lead to full extension and the dog ran up ahead and got in front of the stroller and just stopped and stared the guy down as he walked by. The closer he got, she started deep growling. He took a WIDE berth around us through someone's yard all the while throwing out profanities that made ME blush(and I have tendency to INVENT 4 letter colorful metaphors) about not controlling my dog etc...

    Afterward, the lady turned and thanked me and stated she thought something was "off" with the guy as well and was glad the dog was there. We stopped and talked for a bit and the toddler got to "play" with the dog a bit and then we went our separate ways. I had no idea who this lady or her kid was. The dog just instinctively knew something was wrong and she needed to protect the kid. It's not the first time, and I suspect not the last.

    For decades in America, pits were considered the family "nannies" and for good reason. The "American" Stafford-shire Terrier of today is a completely different animal from the Stafford-shire Terrier of England that was imported in to America into the late 1800's to fight. The breed has changed significantly and the only real harm comes from backyard breeders and fight operators that mix and match the breeds to bring back the aggressive traits and move them out to the forefront.

    I will concede however, that due to the terrier side of them, that pits are NOT beginner dog owner dogs. It's an absolute must that they are consistently and properly socialized and trained. Also because of their high play/prey drive they are most definitely "attention whores". Pits LOVE people and LOVE for people to play with them. You have to be able to have that time and energy to put back into them or they're going to find some other way to spend that energy and that can be bad.

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    I'm not a big fan of Pits,but that dog would be coming home with me,unless it had an owner,and even then that thing would be getting a nice steak dinner
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    My pit has done the same thing for my fiance on walks on a couple of occasions. Great story and I hope that the pit in the story has found a new home.

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    I've had a protective dog (German Shepard not a Pit) who went to the defense of a crying child it had never met. I know of a Bullmastiff and a Weimaraner who did the same thing, in separate instances.

    None of the three was a dramatic as a knife attach, but the dogs moved into position and displayed evil intentions toward the perceived danger.

    I suspect this dog had been around a child or children and bonded.

    If the owner doesn't come forward, they should adopt it.
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