EPA denies proposed ban on lead in ammunition

EPA denies proposed ban on lead in ammunition

This is a discussion on EPA denies proposed ban on lead in ammunition within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The Environmental Protection Agency has denied a petition filed by environmental activists seeking to ban lead in ammunition, saying such regulation is beyond the agency's ...

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Thread: EPA denies proposed ban on lead in ammunition

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    EPA denies proposed ban on lead in ammunition

    The Environmental Protection Agency has denied a petition filed by environmental activists seeking to ban lead in ammunition, saying such regulation is beyond the agency's authority.

    Read the entire article here
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    Well, they finally made a good decision!
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    Wow, these tree hugger/ animal rights wackos aren't even believable. They claim 20,000,000 birds are killed anually by lead projectiles including Eagles and Condors. It sounds like they're discribing hunting, which the banning of, is their true agenda. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it already illegal to kill Condors and Eagles? Duh???
    They claim hunters shoot 3,000 tons, yes tons of bullets anually!!! I'm not a math wiz, but say a bullet weighs 150 grains, wouldn't 3,000 tons be about 2 or 3 trillion bullets???? 80,000 tons, yes tons, are fired at ranges anually. It's irrelavent if that figure is true because ammunition fired at ranges doesn't involve animals unless you're talking metal rams.
    I love the 4,000 tons, yes tons, of fishing weights lost in lakes and streams. I'm sure they have scuba divers collecting and weighing them.
    Michael Fry, the head liar, saved the biggest whopper for last; "We don't want to ban handgun ammunition". Yeah right......
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    Well, of course they cannot state that lead is deadly toxic to every living thing and ban it here in the U.S. because that would mean that it would not be politically correct for us to ever contaminate any foreign lands which means that our troops would need to immediately come home because they wouldn't be allowed to shoot any bullets in Iraq or Afghanistan.
    We wouldn't want to harm the environment while we were killing terrorists.

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    Give them time, they'll come back with something else soon. Their lawyer must have been cut rate if he overlooked a little thing like a Federal exemption.
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    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was recently issued a petition by environmentalists from the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) and the American Bird Conservancy asking for the manufacturing and distribution of lead shots, bullets and fishing sinkers to be put to an end. With the millions of hunters and fishers across the nation in mind, the NRA has written to the EPA, urging them to oppose the ban on lead ammunition and sinkers.

    The CBD blames the lead used by hunters and anglers for causing the deaths of approximately 130 species of birds and eagles while the NRA claims these statistics are not true and cites the increase of American Eagles around the nation as proof to counter the claim. Most important in the NRA's fight to keep lead ammunition and sinkers in production is the fact that the EPA is not allowed to regulate ammo or fishing lures under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), yet the EPA is still taking it into consideration.

    Lead is the most widely used material for making bullets, shots and sinkers and the NRA fears that a ban on lead ammunition would force hunters to buy alternatives such as copper, which is often harder to find and costs nearly double. A ban on the manufacturing of such items could ultimately drive people away from the sport of hunting altogether which could pose even greater threats to the environment. According to the NRA, the end of lead ammunition could mean the end of hunting and fishing for those who can't afford the higher priced non-lead alternatives. The reduction in the number of hunters would in turn reduce the income from the sale of hunting licenses, which is the main source of funding for the game and fish departments. Further implications of a ban on lead ammo and sinkers include having a negative impact on wildlife management and control as well as causing possible economic losses for hunting and fishing related businesses.

    Official voting on the petition will take place November 1, 2010. The EPA is currently asking for public opinion concerning this matter. The comment period ends October 31. To leave a comment for the EPA, click here. To contact the Office of the Administrator of the EPA directly, call 202-564-4700.
    I would suggest everyone leave a responsible comment to the EPA concerning the issue. I just finished mine. Hit the link, choose federal in the first pull down, and EPA in the second pull down.
    Here's the link: http://www.regulations.gov/search/Re...00006480b3974b

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