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Hanover pizza delivery driver shoots suspected robber

This is a discussion on Hanover pizza delivery driver shoots suspected robber within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; A pizza delivery driver in Hanover County last night shot a man he thought was robbing him Doesn't sound like he had a bulletproof story. ...

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Thread: Hanover pizza delivery driver shoots suspected robber

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    A pizza delivery driver in Hanover County last night shot a man he thought was robbing him
    Doesn't sound like he had a bulletproof story. Odd choice of wording.

    Oops never mind, Just read this:

    ...when he got back in his car, a man approached. The driver told investigators that the man had a rifle that he pointed at the driver and opened the car door. The driver said he repeatedly told the man to drop his rifle, to no avail.
    That's crazy on many levels!
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    Thumbs up More -- Looks righteous

    Suspected armed robber and accomplice charged.


    Suspected robber shot by pizza deliverer

    Hanover, Va. --

    Three Mechanicsville men and a 17-year-old girl have been charged with attempting to rob a Papa John's Pizza delivery driver, who shot one of the robbers after being accosted with a gun, Hanover County authorities said.

    The suspected armed robber, identified as Brandon D. Floyd, 26, of the 7200 block of Cold Harbor Road, was listed in critical condition yesterday at VCU Medical Center, where he was being treated for a gunshot wound to the face, Hanover Sheriff's Capt. Michael J. Trice said.
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    Good for the pizza man. I had some of my scariest times not as an LEO, but delivering pizza part time to pay tuition.
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    When I delivered pizza we were explicitly told not to carry weapons, not to defend ourselves and to comply with a potential robber. I called BS and carried anyway, a 9mm and some OC. I'd rather lose my job than my life. Never had an incident, but I'm glad I kept that OC handy as there were a few times a customer's unsecured dog made me get a good grip in the bottle in preperation.
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    Has anyone ever considered boycotting pizza places that don't allow their drivers to carry a weapon to defend themselves? I mean I like Pizza too but I don't like the fact that drivers are sitting ducks. They can get called out anywhere and robbed essentially giving the criminals cash, car, and dinner all in one go. It's not like they have to be drivers but a jobs a job.

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    Good for the delivery guy....way to make that one shot count.
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    The guy has a rifle, opens the delivery guy's door and demands money...SUSPECTED robber?
    Congrats to the pizza guy...nice shooting and glad he's O.K.
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    The rifle turned out to be a BB gun. Too bad for the robber. Play with fire and get burned.

    I hope the driver doesn't have any emotional problems shooting the BG with the "toy" gun.

    Even a BB gun can cause injury and I for one would not recommend trying to determine if I am being robbed with a "toy" gun.

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