Police: 4-year-old girl accidentally killed by sibling Parental FAILURE!] (AZ)

This is a discussion on Police: 4-year-old girl accidentally killed by sibling Parental FAILURE!] (AZ) within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Tragically, I feel that the parents and this little girl will suffer for there laps in judgement for the res of there lives. I pray ...

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Thread: Police: 4-year-old girl accidentally killed by sibling Parental FAILURE!] (AZ)

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    Tragically, I feel that the parents and this little girl will suffer for there laps in judgement for the res of there lives.

    I pray for them.
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    This is a sad one. It can be tough to be aware of what is happening around when you are wearing hearing protection.

    There is no substitute for a responsible person handling (or supervising) a firearm. All the locks, safeties, flashing lights, and other do-dads are never a substitute for common sense.
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    So horrible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigStick View Post
    Wow, now the older sister will have to live with that her whole life. Sounds like the parents needed to set up some more strict "range rules" or shooting area, not to mention, holding onto the unpredictable child while allowing the shooting of firearms.
    Well said, and very sad ... sounds like they got complacent.
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    WOW Parenting failure,older sister will have a heavy load to bear,I'm not even sure counseling can help her cope
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    Bad (Sad) Child killed in target shooting accident



    Child killed in target shooting accident near Wickenburg AZ
    by Alicia E. Barrón
    Posted on October 24, 2010 at 12:31 PM
    Updated yesterday at 9:46 AM

    MORRISTOWN, Ariz. -- A 4-year-old girl was shot in the head shortly before 10 a.m. on Saturday near Morristown. The girl was airlifted to St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix where she was pronounced dead.

    Jeff Sprong of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office said details from their investigation suggest that two families were target shooting in a remote area of the desert Saturday morning.

    An 8-year-old child was shooting at targets with a .22-caliber rifle while being
    supervised by her father. While the 8-year-old was shooting, the 4-year-old ran in front of the rifle at the moment the gun fired and was struck in the head. The 8-year-old is the sister of the victim.

    The incident occurred in a remote area of the desert that is sometimes used as a shooting range. Morristown is a rural community approximately 60 miles northwest of Phoenix and 10 miles southeast of Wickenburg.
    The names of the families involved have not been released at this time.
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    Well there is a kid that will never be right in the head. sad story.
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    Call me a skeptic....but this thought ran through my mind as I read the story...

    Suppose the father was actually shooting when this tragic accident occured. What are the chances the parents convinced the 8 yr old sister to say she accidentally shot the 4 ys old so the father could avoid a possible neglegent homocide charge, endangering the welfare of a minor, going to prison and possibly having the 8 yr old wind up in the foster care system.

    No way to even assume any of that from the written details released.....but I always try to think of every possible angle and this one came to mind. Not saying it went down that way just bouncing thoughts.

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    You have to keep an eye on the little ones everywhere, especially at a shooting range. Sad story, prayers for the family, but more so the sister, who will need all the help she can get.
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    What in the hell was a 4 year old doing at an open range? Aside from their tendency to want to run around and get into everything, there is also the issue of the shear amount of lead present in an environment like that. You couldn't pay me to take my little kids to a range. Maybe the backyard with leadless ammo, but not a range!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DZcarry View Post
    What in the hell was a 4 year old doing at an open range?
    No problem, IMO, so long as a few steps were taken. (1) I'd want to have one adult personally chaperone a given child, one adult per child. (2) I'd want to have the child on a leash to that adult. (3) I'd want the adult to have previous range experience, to know what's what when the line goes "hot." (4) I'd want the young children being monitored to be sitting ~25ft+ behind the shooting line, to ensure that even if the child did get loose there could be adequate time to cry out for a cease fire. Easy to do at my range, which has IPSC-style "action" bays configured in such a way that spectators sit at the back of a bay on a bench or chair, and the shooting line is well forward where the guns are brought for a given shooter before going "hot" with live ammo. It works during the hubbub of actual IPSC tournaments in which family members are brought alone. It could easily work with young kids, so long as some precautions and diligence on the part of the monitors were taken.

    Otherwise, you're right, it's incredibly risky to both the young kids as well as others who might well not be able to stop soon enough to avoid a darting child.
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