TRAGIC: Son Stabs Parents, Dad Ends the Fight

TRAGIC: Son Stabs Parents, Dad Ends the Fight

This is a discussion on TRAGIC: Son Stabs Parents, Dad Ends the Fight within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Tragic story....

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Thread: TRAGIC: Son Stabs Parents, Dad Ends the Fight

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    TRAGIC: Son Stabs Parents, Dad Ends the Fight

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    This is horrible beyond words.
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    A most unfortunate event. Would never want to face this kind of 'shoot - don't shoot' decision. Wonder what more details will reveal.
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    What a horrible thing for a parent.... I wonder if the dad knew who he was shooting or if he thought it was an intruder.
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    Though horrible,i found some humor in it.I speed read,and misread the sentence as "42 year old stabs 45 year old dad." I had to think about that one...

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    Sad, all the way around.
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    That would be one of the hardest shots in the world to take. My dad always told me he brought me into this world and he could take me out of it

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    As a parent I would be hard pressed to pull that trigger. I honestly dont know if I could. Maybe go for a shot Not COM. this kid had to have issues way before that night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CowboyColby View Post
    My dad always told me he brought me into this world and he could take me out of it
    This is exactly what I thought of.
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    Assuming the reporters have it right (50%/50% on that), sounds like dad was stabbed, them mom trying to escape gets stabbed. Dad shoots son to protect his wife. That would be a terrible thing to have to do, and I suspect dad will have nightmares about that for the rest of his life, but just letting Jr. kill his wife was not an option either and (based on what was reported) the wife did not start the events. Dad appears to have done the right thing, but living with it ...
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    Terrible, and his son was 24, too? I wonder how he was acting before this.

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    Commits on the article say that there was a 9 hr stand of this this man in August, so there were problems before. The family probably has been trying to get help for this man for sometime

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    I have no idea what that family dynamic was. It wouldn't be the first time when an out of control person killed both his parents. We don't know if the parents were abusive or if the 24 year old son was just a thug.

    Brings to mind the Lyle and Eric Menendez case where the two sons shotgunned both their parents. They made out they were abused and molested and berated all their lives. It turned out they were just spoiled little rich sociopaths who didn't want to act like responsible adults and did not tolerate discipline from the parents.

    We'll probably never know what the dynamics were in this family. All I can say is that it's a very tragic set of circumstances and a horrible event for any family to go through.
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    After both he and his wife were stabbed, he had no choice. I doubt that it was a "should I?"...the son made his decision and the father had no other choice.
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