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Bad: Providence program destroys childrens toy guns

This is a discussion on Bad: Providence program destroys childrens toy guns within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Somehow I think a 26 year-old mother of six has bigger problems than trying to get her 8 year-old to give up a toy gun....

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    Somehow I think a 26 year-old mother of six has bigger problems than trying to get her 8 year-old to give up a toy gun.
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    Good thing they're getting those waterguns off the street- heaven forbid some innocent bystander gets soaked from a random shooting...
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    Really pathetic. A bunch of loser anti's trying to raise a bunch of future anti's. If my kid went to that school, I'd be letting them know that "my" kid would be "keeping" his toy guns and I do not condone what they are doing. But of course that wouldn't happen because I don't nor ever would I live in Rhode Island, or Jersey, or Kalifornia, or Illinois, or NY, or a couple other places.
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    Well, who the heck is going to play the COP , in Cops and Robbers ? Don't they carry guns too ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fastk9dad View Post
    Next thing you know they'll be banning the toys in Happy Meals because they "market" to children when the real issue is again the parent who can't say NO.

    Oh wait...

    The benevolent masters in Kalifornia have already banned Happy Meals, it’s for the children of course.
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    When I was a kid if ya didn't have a real cap gun,somebody would loan you one,or you would use a stick or a finger bang bang bang was heard all over the neighborhood.My dad bought me a bb gun when I was 8 and taught me about gun safety and what would happen if he ever caught me pointing it at anyone.
    We knew what morals were,and stealing robbing and killing never entered our minds,really pathetic that they are doing this,I guess in 20 years or so when they tell them to turn in their real guns they will already be trained
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    I feel safer all ready with all of these dangerous toy guns off the streets!!!!!!!! Somebody could have gotten hurt!!

    (^ sarcasm)

    I had as many toy guns as a kid as I did toy cars. I turned out a productive member of society: hard working, tax paying, community leader, husband, comes down to parents teaching kids responsibility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    When I was a kid if ya didn't have a real cap gun,somebody would loan you one,
    Here, here! I had a few from old western revolvers, semi-autos and an UZI. Pretty realistic too. They are probably still at my parents house. I should dig them up when I go home for Xmas. I don't think I'll dare to bring them back to NY though, because IIRC, I removed/painted over the red caps on the muzzles which would be illegal in this state. But this was back in the late 70's through the 80's, no one cared then. I used to play "Magnum P.I." and walk around with one of them tucked the back of my jeans.

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