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Westboro Church to protest funeral of 9 year old ......

This is a discussion on Westboro Church to protest funeral of 9 year old ...... within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; BIG SALUTE TO MIKE GALLAGHER He struck a deal with them to put them on his radio show in exchange for them NOT protesting this ...

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Thread: Westboro Church to protest funeral of 9 year old ......

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    He struck a deal with them to put them on his radio show in exchange for them NOT protesting this little girl's funeral, along with all other Arizona funerals.

    Some say this is letting them "blackmale" in a sort of way, to get air time. I say they get airtime anyway.
    He did it to prevent these families from being exposed to this group of hateful garbage spewers and to see the groups trying to counter them.
    Thanks Mike!!!!!
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    Thanks Mike!

    This shouldn't change anything though, we should be there in support anyway! Not just to shield them from the WBC.
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    You guys need to read some background on how WBC came to be. Phelps is an abusive, sick man. How much came from his childhood (neither he nor his sister are telling), and how much came from his own brain wiring, I don't know.

    But he beat and abused his wife terribly, made her stay upstairs with him all day and evening - meaning she had to tie her toddlers to high chairs, and almost abandon the other children to their own devices all day for food, etc.... The kids grew up hearing her screams. When they got to be a bit older (maybe early grade school), he began abusing them too.

    By the time most of them were young adults, they confronted him and told him to stop beating their mother. I believe they threatened him some way. He stared at them, then growled "Fine."

    THAT was the beginning of Westboro Baptist Church. All his rage, coming from his own pain, is put out onto homosexuals. The bible is just a tool for his own hatred. The family members (now including grandchildren) who have not left his clutches, live in a shared area of houses, with adjoining yards. Everyone is sequestered, and these abused children and grandchildren are still ruled by his iron hand.

    All his children (still with him) were coerced into becoming attorneys, so he could use them to file and fend off various lawsuits.

    He's sick, and needs to be put away.

    But Susan Gratia Hupp had it right. Our first and second amendment rights are there NOT to protect the majority, but to protect the minority against the majority.

    If you silence WBC, then you can silence me. Then someone else silences you. That way lies the death of America.

    Edit: I would bet you dollars to rubies that Phelps is a closeted homosexual himself. But he'd almost certainly die before admitting it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig35seven View Post
    I disagree. They are taking the word of the Bible literally. I question how many people really have actually read the Bible.

    I'll send you a private message for your review.
    PM replied to.

    If you take a passage literally without an overall understanding of the Bible you will cause yourself many problems. It's not a disjointed work. It's a complete work, and needs to be taken as such. If you take it disjointedly, you will have many problems with your Theology. One of the most common is hate. When the overarching message is love and forgiveness.

    I've read it in it's entirety. I've studied the New testament more than the Old. But I am quite clear about a lot of the Old testament stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig35seven View Post
    You are correct.

    However, this certainly gives them the freedom to do their protest. So the solution you suggest is to enact violence upon them? Beat them on their heads like the cave men did? No,we need to move forward not backward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig35seven View Post
    The law they enacted prohibiting the distance of protest is a sensible, enforceable resolution to the problem.
    I agree with you on this part. Nicely done by AZ lawmakers.
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    Out of our scope, thread closed.
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