More and more violence

More and more violence

This is a discussion on More and more violence within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Seems like everyday I'm hearing more and more about people being shot at, kids missing, or dead bodies turning up. All this is just ...

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Thread: More and more violence

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    More and more violence

    Seems like everyday I'm hearing more and more about people being shot at, kids missing, or dead bodies turning up. All this is just in my area I cant imagine whats going on on the national level. We just had a person found dead at our local university dont know many details but its getting crazy around here!!!

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    Anytime something big like the AZ shooting, VA Tech, even the anniversary of Columbine, the media seems to focus on those events. Buy a police scanner, yeah there's an increase, but it is not a jump.

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    Agreed, for the short term we'll hear about every vicious act across America's 300-million pop. They’ll be no mention of people killed with shovels, knives, drunk drivers’ or candleholders.
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    Its the old news addage "if it bleeds it leads". News groups now feed off the worst of humanity because it "sells". When was the last time you saw a story about your everyday hero not just the hero for this one moment? I'm talking about Rescue Squad personnel, EMT's, emergency workers, the guy behind you in line that is willing to give you some change so you can buy whatever you are buying with no chance of being paid back by you, the odinary person who helps his neighbor. Like the song says, "We could use a little good news today".

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    I think the economy has a lot to do with it as well. Granted after one of these tragic events, there always seems to be some "copy-cats" who want to see their name in lights, or some gang-bangers who want to notch up the violence a bit. All the more reason for CCW, and WYA.

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