Ban knives NOW!!!

Ban knives NOW!!!

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Thread: Ban knives NOW!!!

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    Ban knives NOW!!!

    See, banning guns is not the answer!!!!

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    Or banning gas...
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    stop posting any old news story here. This is supposed to be about self defense topics, not a dumping ground for anything you find interesting. This has been made clear in the past, but its getting out of hand again.

    threads posted in "in the news: The good, the bad and the ugly"
    we are getting an increasing number of "off topic" threads posted to the "in the news" forum. So much so that it is beginning to become a general crime story repository that is really not the focus of this forum. If you come across news items that have some real application to concealed carry, open carry, successful (or unsuccessful) armed self defense please feel free to post them, but "general crime" stories, not associated with self defense in any way should be avoided. Likewise for stories of crime in countries other than the us.

    While i appreciate that our members enjoy the forum and want to post items of personal interest regardless of topic, i believe that we are, over time, broadening the focus of the forum too much in including some of these topics. Please help us keep the forums' topics "on topic". so, those who cant abide by the rules will be given infractions and will no longer be able to post here. This is the warning.
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