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Bad: Secret Service Agents shoots self in hip

This is a discussion on Bad: Secret Service Agents shoots self in hip within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; We use the Safari Land Raptor level 3, and sometimes in the winter when I holster my weapon ( we secure our weapons before entering ...

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Thread: Bad: Secret Service Agents shoots self in hip

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    We use the Safari Land Raptor level 3, and sometimes in the winter when I holster my weapon ( we secure our weapons before entering various facilities to pick up Fed Inmates) my jacket has a split so the holster is outside and uncovered, but sometimes a piece of material will get in there and cause the weapon to bind. Ya gotta be careful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chad Rogers View Post
    The flip side is back then, when revolvers and semis had hammers, you could always ride the hammer back down when reholstering. If the hammer didn't go back, the gun was not going off. Nowadays with the Glock type pistols, the margin for error is much smaller.
    Which is why I like exposed hammers! But since they carry the P229 that shouldn't have been the issue.
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    The Sig P229 as carried by USSS has an exposed hammer.
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    In addition, thumbing the hammer/slide in preparation to reholster should make it apparent that the hammer is back, requiring decocking.
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    I'm thinking somebody didn't decock before reholstering during a firing session.I'll bet he doesn't sit down on the job fer awhile
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    Make him easier to stand at those standing assignments on his protection detail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tflhndn View Post
    But I watch a lot of guys get complacent about holstering a loaded gun - they always seem to be in a hurry when there is no reason to...
    I've also noticed this....I don't get it either. Quick on the delpoyment sure...but putting it back? While chambered? hmmmm

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    He doesn't have my sympathy for sure. And, I really do not care how much experience one has with guns or if he/she is part of some elite govt. entity. One gets careless, a gun mishap is bound to happen. I guess he isn't all that for now, is he(lol)?

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    What's with all these decocking comments? It shouldn't flippin matter. Keep whatever off the bloody trigger and it doesn't matter whether something has a "decocker" or a protruding hammer or any other possible configuration, nor does it matter whether it's a booger hook or a piece of clothing. I can unholster and reholster my loaded, non-exposed hammer firearm all day long and the darn thing just won't go off. I don't have the slightest clue what's wrong. The dependence on a decocking mechanism serves to jello the brain...<<<< Granted this opinion from a NON-LEO...
    Incidents like this make it that much harder for the rest of us to deal with anti nuts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old School View Post
    Not positive but I think the Secret Service carries Sig 229 possibly in 357 Sig. Maybe someone has a for sure answer.
    True. They carry Sigs. I don't know if they are all the same model though.

    ETA: Oops late to the party. Next time I'll read a little more before typing.
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    we are getting an increasing number of "off topic" threads posted to the "in the news" forum. So much so that it is beginning to become a general crime story repository that is really not the focus of this forum. If you come across news items that have some real application to concealed carry, open carry, successful (or unsuccessful) armed self defense please feel free to post them, but "general crime" stories, not associated with self defense in any way should be avoided. Likewise for stories of crime in countries other than the us.

    While i appreciate that our members enjoy the forum and want to post items of personal interest regardless of topic, i believe that we are, over time, broadening the focus of the forum too much in including some of these topics. Please help us keep the forums' topics "on topic".
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