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Why was she even answering the doorbell, if her fiance was home? Get his butt up out of bed, arm him, and send him to the door.
Interesting paraphrase of that great 1 Thess passage.
Last Christmas I bought my wife a RED Charter .38 snub. I like it quite well, myself, although my carry gun is a Walther PPK/S w/CT laser grip. While sitting in the family room neither of us is "carrying." What we do rely on if a door-knock were to become hostile is a Keltec 9mm concealed on a shelf behind an item. It 2 steps from the hinge side of the door, and on the left side of the shelf so both of us right-handers can grab it strong-hand with no fumbling.

Two nights ago I left for an evening assignment and did not properly close or lock the door in the rear of the family room which goes to the deck (My bad!!!!). The door slowly opened noiselessly and when my wife turned around and saw it she immediately crossed the room and grabbed the Keltec. Her .38 was in its typical place...in her purse in the kitchen, and if someone had entered the house behind her back and gone to the kitchen, she would have been foolish to go there. We also have the typical revolver in the bedroom. A security consultant recommended the gun close to front door.