BAD: Teen Kills Guardians

BAD: Teen Kills Guardians

This is a discussion on BAD: Teen Kills Guardians within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Teen kills guardians and flees with 12 year old girl friend. Caught and in custody. This is awful. Teen Charged in Kentucky Slayings - ABC ...

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Thread: BAD: Teen Kills Guardians

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    BAD: Teen Kills Guardians

    Teen kills guardians and flees with 12 year old girl friend. Caught and in custody. This is awful.

    Teen Charged in Kentucky Slayings - ABC News
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    15-year-old ... unbelievable.
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    Age 15 or not he deserves to die for his crimes. There is no rehabilitation here.He will be a continual drain on society just like the Menendez brothers and others. But of course this will not happen. My feelings. My rant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old School View Post
    Age 15 or not he deserves to die for his crimes. There is no rehabilitation here.He will be a continual drain on society just like the Menendez brothers and others. But of course this will not happen. My feelings. My rant.
    Agreed, he should be put down the same as a rabid dog.
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    Sad story. Wonder where he got the gun?
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^From an NRA lifemember I'm sure.^^^^^^^
    Totally sad story, and a really messed up kid.
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    People take you into their home to raise you and you pay them back by killing them,hang his ass and send a clear message
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    He should be tried as an adult and punished as one too. KY could meet out the needle for this one. We will see.
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    Last thing I would ever do is take a troubled child/child not of the stock of either me or my woman into my home.

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    Geeze. Earlier in life I was asked if I wanted to do some Foster Parenting ... I declined for fear of situations like this. There are many cases where a good kid is stuck with bad parents and in those cases the kid gets a second chance though the Foster Parent; but I didn't want to take the chance of getting the other scenario, where you have a bad kid who will take his malice with him everywhere he goes.

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    Many factors in this case some we cannot control while others we could. It's just a sad commentary on how people choose to live.

    Hormones play a large role in cases like these. I guess this kid has gotten an early shot of testosterone and that will fuel some male agression. It is part of our anatomy and we cannot do much about it. He has a problem dealing with it apparently.

    The other thing is that people nowadays have kids and do not want them. They slough them off to the State to deal with. It's all about "me" anymore and the parents are partially to blame for how this situation would turn out. Instead of taking the responsibility of 18+ years to nurture and raise a child, they just abandon them because they see the child as a major inconvienience to their vastly more important life.

    I have often said that some folks should go to school and learn how to be a parent before ever creating a new life and bringing it into the world. Somehow I feel that would not sit very well with the "political correct" crowd and that is our dilema.
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    It was a major story here for the obvious reasons. Apparently he was a foster child, his foster parents had forbidden him to see his 12 year old girlfriend (the one he ran off with in the stolen car) and that is the apparent motivation for the killing.
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