Talk about a crazy ride along!

Talk about a crazy ride along!

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Thread: Talk about a crazy ride along!

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    Talk about a crazy ride along!

    Glendale shooting leads to fatal incident with officer

    Good grief. Okay, looks like two bad guys meet a third bad guy coming out of a bar and have a shootout. BG #1 gets on his motorcycle and speeds away, but gets stopped by a police sergeant about, oh, 3 miles away. He gets off of his bike and starts shooting at the sergeant, WHO HAD A CIVILIAN RIDE ALONG WITH HER!

    Holy moley, that would have been a BAAAAAAAAD ride along to be on, let me tell you!

    Kudos to the sergeant for keeping her head and aiming true. Glad she and her ride along got home safe.
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    Unusual, but by no means out of the question.
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    Well, he won't do that again!
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    So I wonder if the female observer was considering a career in law enforcement, and if she is still.
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    It happens....... Not long after I moved here we had one where it took the medical examiners office to determine if it was the officer or the ride along who actually put the BG down!
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    When you ask to go on a ride along you are wanting to know what it is like to be LEO. Guess she got her wish!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    So I wonder if the female observer was considering a career in law enforcement, and if she is still.
    Something tells me no.

    "Neither the sergeant, 36, nor her citizen passenger, 52, was injured, Martos said."

    Read more: Glendale shooting leads to fatal incident with officer
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    I read a story a while back of a wife doing a ride along when her husband/LEO was murdered during a field interview. The perp shot him while standing on a porch in full view of the wife. Sad.

    IIRC VA Trooper recruits are required to do ride alongs before attending the academy as a way to wash out those with different expectations of what the job is like.

    The ride along found out what a police shooting is like, but that is not everyday law enforcement.
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    Years ago we did some ride alongs and just about every time the passenger ended up writing a report on something LOL.............. don't ask me how I know.......
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