Business Owner Holds The BG For The Police

Business Owner Holds The BG For The Police

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Thread: Business Owner Holds The BG For The Police

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    Business Owner Holds The BG For The Police

    Pain is the best teacher,but nobody wants to go to his class.

    When the past smothers the present, there is only desperation. When the future absorbs the present, life stands still. In either case a decision must be made because you only live now and you are only what you are now.

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    Guess he got tired of being burgled. Good job.
    "I do what I do." Cpl 'coach' Bowden, "Southern Comfort".

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    In CA the business owner would likely be charged with kidnapping for preventing the BG from leaving. This of course followed by the lawsuit from the BG.

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    In my book Prentice Rasheed will always be the ultimate storeowner who did something about his plight.

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    Got to give the owner credit for protecting his business.
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    I am surprised at the Buisness Owners restraint.
    He must have been a Vegitarian as I believe in Beaumont TX you get a steak dinner for lawfully permently retiring a Burglar.

    Ok, seriously, I'll bet the Bad Guy must have been begging for his life like crazy, otherwise it would have been bye bye!

    What you want to bet the Buisness Owner was thinking of the mess he would have to clean up if he pulled the trigger on him?

    Frankly I would have been thinking of the endless Court Appearances an arrest would require.

    Stupid Bad Guys are slow to learn it's Open Season on Bad Guys here in Texas!

    We have a No Bag Limit Policy that I'm aware of, and you don't even need a tag for each one you kill legally.

    And it sure sounded like he could have pulled the trigger on this guy. Being as he was inside the building by unlawful entry.

    I love to hear stories of Citizens fighting to keep what's theirs.

    Maybe we can get all the Bad Guys to move to some other State that's more liberal and tolerant with bad guys.

    Sorry for you guys who have to live there. But we don't want them here.

    I hear Texas Prison are not very popular with Bad Guys, but we still don't have a Sherriff Joe like Arizona!
    But, we're trying!

    What have you done to prepare for the end of civilization as we know it?

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