Family of dead burglary suspect question police account

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Thread: Family of dead burglary suspect question police account

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    Family of dead burglary suspect question police account

    Family of dead burglary suspect question police account | The Post and Courier, Charleston SC - News, Sports, Entertainment

    Of all the questions this Uncle is asking, he should really be asking: Why did my nephew break into that man's house, and put himself in a situation to be shot?

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    The posts following the article are not sympathetic to the criminal nor his Uncle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beni View Post
    Family of dead burglary suspect question police account | The Post and Courier, Charleston SC - News, Sports, Entertainment

    Of all the questions this Uncle is asking, he should really be asking: Why did my nephew break into that man's house, and put himself in a situation to be shot?
    But that would mean that the family would have to personally take responsibility for not raising him right. And we all know it's somebody else's fault. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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    How is it that all the family members are so pained by the death of there son durring his criminal activity, but all the prior victoms of his crimes get nothing?

    I say good shooting.

    I wish that many more were able to fingure out that a life of crime is a deadly activity.
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    I hope for an America where the family of the young man slain feels shame that they produced such a low life, and apologize to the home owner.

    A pipe dream, I know.

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    I think that an investigation IS called for...

    O.K., let's see...the dirtbag broke into the house, check...the dirtbag was inside the house, check...the home owner shot the dirtbag, check...the dirtbag is now dead, check.
    Yep, the investigation is done. Congrats to the homeowner!
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    There are many factors in this that really get to me when it comes to this type of thing.

    First off, where is the personal responsibility factor? The perp knows or knew that it could be dangerous or deadly when committing a crime. His choice and the consequences that follow are all his responsibility. Yet, most feel they are the "victim" instead of the perp.

    Second, is denial. This family is a living example of it. They deny the perp was a scumbag. They deny he ever did anything wrong. They deny that he was breaking the law by being inside of someone's residence and stealing. Denial is what they suffer from.

    Third, we have laws against that. Everyone knows that, even the perp, the perps family and friends, yet they choose to ignore laws, warnings and this is the result. They only like laws if it protects or helps them. They could care less about any other law.

    Fourth, is greed and selfishness. For these types, it is all about "them", and what they want. If you have something they covet, then instead of working for it, they feel entitled to what you have and are willing to take it if they think they can get by with it. Never mind if you worked for it, they want what you have no matter what.

    Fifth, it's always the Police who are "targeting" or "profiling" folks. This is just a load of crap, and the family just had to play the race card. Race has nothing to do with it, no one race has the lock on criminal activity. The police do just what they need, to investigate and hopefully solve and ultimately prevent crime. They don't look at just one "class" of people, they look for similar elements of all people when they commit crime. It's called a "pattern" and we all do it.

    We really need to feel for the true victim in this case, the homeowner. He had to choose to defend his home against not one, but three individuals. He had to make the choice to shoot one of them and take a life. The homeowner, not the dead criminal, is the vicim. That is what needs to be put in the news.
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    Break and entry into a private home and now he's dead. What's the problem? Oh I get it, he was black and the home owner was White and we all know that blacks shot in white homes during burglaries is not okay.

    What if a white guy broke into a black home? I would feel the same way, shot and dead? What's the problem?

    Let's start a new club called, "National Association for the Advancement of White People" the "NAAWP", oh never mind, there is already one and I won't belong to that club either.


    I am an American citizen that just wants my Republic to be operated as it was intended to be. Justice for all, and this perp got real quick justice, white or black green or yellow!
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    I'm sure he was a misunderstood fine young man who was working to turn his life around.
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    tbrenke asked, "How is it that all the family members are so pained by the death of there son durring his criminal activity, but all the prior victoms of his crimes get nothing?"

    Could it be that the family members were profiting from his crimes as well? I would imagine that if they didn't profit from his crimes they at least condoned them.

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    Blaming this on the parents of the burglar, or the burglar, is just wrong it is the village that didn’t raise him correctly.
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    Perhaps a belief that those that feel disenfranchised are entitled to prey on those they consider not so.
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    “Does this not reduce the taking of life to a sport or an entitlement?” said Spencer, a college professor and psychologist from Washington, D.C.

    It's a sport now? Holy **** I didn't know that! How many points is a 6' 190lb scumbag worth these days?

    One of the first things I plan to do upon purchasing my own home is to get a copy of the S.C. Castle Doctrine weatherproofed and mount it near the entrance to my driveway/home (possibly on/near my mailbox) and have it lit all night, right beside the 'no trespassing' sign. That way, anyone who comes onto my property/into my home will know what to expect. Especially if they are doing so illegally. Not the most 'sophisticated' thing to do, but it's posting my legal rights in my home alongside a sign telling anyone who might think otherwise that I can/will defend myself and my family.
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    IT WAS A TRAP A CLEVERLY DISGUISED SETUP,The homeowner had furnished his home with some very nice things that a burglar would be drawn to want to acquire for hisself.Had the homeowner not bought such a nice house and furnished it with more than milk crate end tables and concrete blocks and planks for sitting upon and a large cable spool for a table,then he would noyt have been burglarised....unless his table was much nicer than the perps.I think the real tragedy is 2 of the little punks lived to steal another day
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    Hmmm...3 Burglars...One good shoot...I think we need to offer some "Target Acquisition" or "trigger reset/control" training to the homeowner...I hate it when you miss shoot opportunities on two out of three!!!
    Sometimes in life you have to stand your ground. It's a hard lesson to learn and even most adults don't get it, but in the end only I can be responsible for my life. If faced with any type of adversity, only I can overcome it. Waiting for someone else to take responsibility is a long fruitless wait.

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