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This is a discussion on USA Today Changes the Facts within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Same thing happened with the major publications on that school shooting where the principle (or was it vice?) ran to his car to get his ...

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Thread: USA Today Changes the Facts

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    Same thing happened with the major publications on that school shooting where the principle (or was it vice?) ran to his car to get his gun and then ran back and stopped the shooter. I think they did a comparison and only one or two papers even mentioned the gun, the others said that the shooter was "tackled" like in this one.

    We may as well face it that anytime that a shooter is stopped and "tackled" is used, or anytime you read that the assault was "stopped" without any further explaination, that something is being left out, on purpose of course.

    I don't know when it became the norm for journalist to put in their agenda/bias/"facts" or opinion into their stories. Used to be that the moral code for them was to report the story, truthfully, without any interjection of agenda/bias/"facts" or opinion. Something that you USED to learn in journalisim 101 (but I failed spelling ).

    I trust the news media (both TV and Magazines/papers) about .13% and Fox News about 15% (I still find agenda's / opinions being pushed, both good and bad).

    As far as this stopping or being corrected, don't hold your breath. It will get much worse before it even gets better, if it ever does. Even Fox New's owner is a liberal, he does try to produce unbias, fair and balanced, news but you still see the liberalism leaking through every once in awhile.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Chief View Post
    No matter how the news is rewritten the facts remain constant. It is too bad that the public depends on the media for their preception of reality.
    I'm part of the public and I buy their crap. I know better. I feel as if the media is so blatently ridiculous that the majority of people know better.

    I could ramble on forever abot this subject but that'll do.
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    They just can't stand for the public to know that they can actually defend themselves with a gun. That might get people to thinkin'!

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    Ok folks! Journalists are ranked..........<drum roll, please>.......

    Which Career Fields
    Do People Respect?

    By Wall Street Journal Staff Reporters

    From The Wall Street Journal Online

    Want a job that will wow them at parties? Then study the sciences.

    That's the message from the Harris Poll's annual survey of attitudes toward a cross section of occupations. Of 1,011 adults surveyed nationwide, 51% said scientist was a job with "very great prestige." Doctors were right behind with 50%, followed by military officers and teachers, each with 47%, and police officers, with 40%.

    Of that top five, though, only the uniformed professions saw gains from the prior year. Military officers rose seven percentage points, while police climbed three points, moves that Harris attributed to the effects of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the war in Afghanistan.

    Scientists fell two points from last year, while doctors dropped 11 percentage points. Teachers saw esteem for their positions fall seven percentage points, Harris said.

    Amid the corporate accounting scandals, at the bottom of this year's list were accountants. Only 13% of those surveyed said they felt the profession carried "very great prestige," down two percentage points.

    Here are more highlights from the latest survey.

    "For each of the following, would you tell me if you feel it is an occupation of very great prestige, considerable prestige, some prestige or hardly any prestige at all?"

    Base: All Adults Very Great Prestige (VGP) Considerable Prestige (CP) Some Prestige (SP) Hardly Any Prestige at All (HAP) Not Sure/ Refused (NS)

    In order of below: VGP CP SP HAP NS

    Scientist 51% 25% 20% 2% 3%
    Doctor 50 30 17 1 2
    Military Officer 47 27 21 3 2
    Teacher 47 23 20 7 2
    Police Officer** 40 32 20 7 1
    Priest/Minister/Clergyman 36 25 24 11 3
    Engineer 34 32 28 4 2
    Architect 27 34 31 4 4
    Member of Congress 27 30 29 11 3
    Athlete 21 24 37 15 3
    Entertainer 19 29 34 15 3
    Journalist 19 25 41 12 4
    Business Executive** 18 29 36 13 4
    Lawyer 15 25 38 20 2
    Banker 15 29 44 10 2
    Union Leader 14 22 37 23 5
    Accountant 13 23 42 17 4

    ** In earlier surveys Harris used the words "policeman" (now changed to "police officer") and businessman (now changed to "business executive") which may account for the changes from 2001 to 2002.

    As a CPA, it's disgusting I rank the same or lower than some scuzball snakebelly cross-eyed teetsucking imbicile journalist, lawyer, or union leader, or even a Member of Congress. Enron! Worldcom! Healthsouth! Yuk! Oh well.......
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