Not so Good?: Man shoots pit bull

Not so Good?: Man shoots pit bull

This is a discussion on Not so Good?: Man shoots pit bull within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The story is confusing as there are two dog shootings being reported on. Apparently, the pictured man shot a pit bull in his own back ...

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Thread: Not so Good?: Man shoots pit bull

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    Not so Good?: Man shoots pit bull

    The story is confusing as there are two dog shootings being reported on.

    Apparently, the pictured man shot a pit bull in his own back yard, made claims that the dog was loose several times... etc.

    At any rate, he shot the dog... and the other shootings reported raised the ire of the animal rights folks.

    Something to think about, should you ever have to defend yourself from a dog... animal cruelty charges. In some locales, the SPCA, "Animal Control" and similar have more pull than LEO.

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    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    That [vicious dog] might be one of those situations that you shoot to kill, not just stop the threat.

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    The truly radical Animal Rights nut jobs are against people even owning dogs (or any pets) at all.

    By SCOTT DAUGHERTY, Staff Writer <~~~ They are actually calling this guy a "Writer" - That article is a jumbled, confusing, absolute mess.
    I'm not even going to try to untangle it.
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    It sucks that he got arrested. He was on his property and he felt threatened, so it's pretty cut and dry. Animal fanatics are kind of weird in my opinion.

    However, I'm not inclined to shoot dogs. Pit bulls always get a bad rap, but they are naturally very submissive towards humans. They were breed to fight, and they are aggressive with other dogs and small animals, but it was also important for their owners to be able to break up fights quickly. If a dog was a good enough fighter, it wasn't always required that he be completely submissive towards people, but they're one of the nicest breeds out there.

    Wannabe gangsters just abuse them because they think they are hardcore , and they have the ability to hurt people more than most dogs. I'm a big fan of pitbulls, and had one growing up, but it sucks that insurance companies consider owning them a huge liability.

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    Well it does sound fishy that McConnel states he called several time on the dog being loose, but records indicate it was only once.

    That said, what if right after he called, the dog attacked someone, what would the Animal rights freaks say.?

    "well he only made one complaint call, on the dog, yes we understand the dog killed someone, but honestly, there is no long history of complaints against the animal."

    And can someone answer me on this one.

    How is shooting a dog, "cruelty to animals", but shooting a thug is SD?

    We are getting near the slippery slope on this one.
    Anyone who supports these morons{animal rights activists} should take a second look.
    Guy needs to lawyer up, and the animal rights IdIoTs need to go suck a tailpipe.

    I'm all for animals being treated humanely, and not being tortured Jeffrey Dahmer style,but these dummies go too far.
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    This happened on June 7, 2011 and was discussed here on the forum.

    This is a followup story....... FYI

    Just as confusing now as it was then.
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    For the last few times I been riding my Motorcycle home down one street I have had 2 black mongrels charge at me from the side of the road,next time I go past I'm gonna be slowed wway down and blast them with some good old pepper spray,I don't think they will be charging any bikes after that
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