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I don't know if that's exactly fair to say about the teller. You've got to imagine that a bank robbery is her worst nightmare. If someone comes in and demands one dollar and says he will wait for the police, I can easily see how she might have been traumatized, waiting for the other shoe to drop. That type of robbery leaves a whole lot of room for her mind to fill in the blank about what might really be happening, because on the surface, a man robbing a bank for one dollar and waiting for the police does not make sense. The simplest way to rationalize the situation is to believe that there is some unknown quantity of evil that she is unaware of... and the fear of an unknown imminent danger can be very scary. I wouldn't second guess any teller who goes to the hospital after being robbed.
Agree with the above. Not so sure I agree with the rest though.

Furthermore, I am disgusted by this criminal's actions, both in motive and deed -- if this is the type of character that he displayed as an employee, I do not wonder why he was fired. His big retirement plan is to con his way into the Gray Bar Hotel instead of paying his own way in life? Since when is this an acceptable or even praiseworthy lifestyle? This whole article is nothing more than a sympathy piece to ram socialized medicine down our throats and apparently it is working because some here seem to think that this guy has the right to health care that someone else paid for... not only that, but his criminal actions are justified by that very same 'right'.