"No bil" not yet anyway...l

"No bil" not yet anyway...l

This is a discussion on "No bil" not yet anyway...l within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; >>>Family of dead felon "wants answers"<<< While they didn't go so far as to say the dead felon in their family tree was "...a good ...

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Thread: "No bil" not yet anyway...l

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    "No bil" not yet anyway...l

    >>>Family of dead felon "wants answers"<<<

    While they didn't go so far as to say the dead felon in their family tree was "...a good boy, just turning his life around." What they did say, was nearly as remarkable:

    His family admitted he had made mistakes, and acknowledged that he never should have tried to rob the Subway restaurant, but they told NewsChannel 36, despite his bad acts, he did not deserve to die.
    His mistakes? Oh, not much...

    He had been arrested for breaking and entering, larceny, assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm by a felon, resisting a public officer, and several other charges.
    Sheesh, maybe the family is right, he shouldn't have been shot dead in yet another armed robbery, he either shouldn't have been on the street again or dead from one of the previous encounters...
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    And the Subway employee didn't deserve to be scared out of his wits by two men holding guns and demanding what wasn't theirs. Sorry, family, but I have four words for you:

    Don't be a criminal.
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    Same old song, just a different key.
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    What did he deserve? Oh yeah, a better family support system than them saying, "they shoulda help him more".

    The trash doesn't fall far from the garbage can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oakchas View Post
    >>>Family of dead felon "wants answers"<<<

    While they didn't go so far as to say the dead felon in their family tree was "...a good boy, just turning his life around." What they did say, was nearly as remarkable:

    His mistakes? Oh, not much...

    Sheesh, maybe the family is right, he shouldn't have been shot dead in yet another armed robbery, he either shouldn't have been on the street again or dead from one of the previous encounters...
    so we have his death at whose doorstep

    --dad...no jokes here, he had one even if mommy knew him but briefly

    --his family, who raised him on...standards....well, perhaps 'don't get caught' or 'don't get urself kilt' counts for them as standards
    --social services, which division?? family services? children's health and welfare?
    --or cause they failed--we need more agencies to fill all the cracks
    --the schools, he must of went cause 'no child left behind'. though he made Jethro look indeed like a brain surgeon.
    --the juvie judge for not correcting his ways when he was young enough to perhaps actually turn his life around
    --or his adult judge(s) who may have sentenced him to serious time behind bars in a non-fun jail house.
    --or the parole board that let him out early on 'good behavior' ( darn but any fool gonna act good behind bars; hes there cause he don't act good on the outside)
    --or his court appointed whatever for to keep track of the little felon
    --or probation officer who didn't keep track very well either.

    WAIT--did not HE do crimes of escalating violence--repeatedly?

    novel thought but--lets say he did it to himself after way too many chances to turn his life around.
    but heck, his mommy needed the money his wayward ways brought home for her flat screen and phat life style.

    and if she can't get a settlement from the state she either gonna have to get a job or fence his stuff to eat.
    oh, the humanity....kutzpah.
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    The Family should be held accountable for his life style.
    Let them pay reparations!

    And they are saying the Employee didn't have to shoot him because he wasn't a violent criminal.


    You knew he made his living as a criminal??

    Again, the Family should be tried as accomplices.

    Maybe if we tattoo the rap sheet on criminals’ cheek we can decide in a spilt second if the BG deserves to die for armed robbery.
    Think of how easy it will make if everyone can see your arrest history written on your face.
    Sure would save a lot of guessing.
    (Remember the Kurt Russell movie Soldier?)

    Works for me!

    Think of it! A drunk walks into a bar for a drink and he has two DWI arrest tattooed on his face. The Bartender says, “You can’t drink here!” Go home!

    Kid walk up to a girls house to ask for a date and she sees he a convicted rapist! Her Daddy can shut the door in his face. Problem solved!

    Guy walks into a store for a pack of smokes and the Cashier see he’s got 4 armed robbery arrests. Easy button there!

    Killers in prison tattoo a tear for every person they've killed! Great Idea, let's capitalize on that practice!

    Hey, just trying to help!!!!
    What have you done to prepare for the end of civilization as we know it?

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    Armed criminal, getting shot at = occupational hazard.

    But the article has him getting shot both outside an inside the store, which is probably poor reporting but makes me wonder if it's one of these chase the BG out into the street after the threat no longer applies to the shooter directly. If it's like any Subway I've been to in the last 15 years there would have been security camera footage to explain the whole thing, and that stuff has a habit of making onto the internet. I don't buy crying that he was shot in the back because with at least 4 players here, there is every chance he or his fellow coworker could have been in a position of imminent danger.

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    Massad Ayoob has an interesting article in the current edition of Combat Handguns Magazine entitled "Justified Shots In The Back" (Sept. 2011, page 8) in which he writes:

    "One extremely common movement pattern is that the confident criminal attacker moves forward toward his prey, but suddenly realizes that the hunted has become the hunter and his erstwhile victim is pulling a gun on him. Desperately, reflexively - and unexpectedly - he turns away to escape.
    It is well established that while reaction time to an anticipated stimulus averages around a quarter of a second, and can be distinctly less among those who have superior reflexes, it takes roughly three-quarters of a second to cognitively process the unexpected cessation of the attack and react to this unanticipated stimulus before the shooter can stop pulling the trigger."

    I suspect that something like this is what happened in this incident.
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    His family admitted he had made mistakes
    Those weren't mistakes they were crimes. Sounds like no one in the family will own up to what was really happening.

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    From the WCNC report

    Back in March, when Mecklenburg County District Attorney Andrew Murray announced that no charges would be filed, he said he believed a jury would not convict and would not find the use of deadly force to be unjustified.
    The 28 comments following the report would seem to support the D.A.'s opinion. On matter where the fatal wounds were, a jury would not convict the Subway employee.

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    I know a Lady that was raised by Criminal Parents,she told me her mom had her doing home burglaries before she was 12,she was doing armed robberies in her teens,she has done prison time and Federal time for Possession of Illegal Machineguns,she raised a daughter to obey and respect the law,but she told me her thinking is so whacked that she can't walk into a Jewelry store without casing the place like she would rob it.Shes been a law abiding citisen for about 20 years and still has crazy thoughts.I told her she needs to work for a home security company to show people the chinks in their armor that they need to take care of
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    Im not surprised at who or what i saw in the video, and the guy got what he deserved.

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