OK, there was a Styx concert here last week, the wife and I went to it. Good time.

According to the paper there were 10,000 people there. This is an outdoor concert in a park. There is only one exit and one road leading out, you can go either north or south on this road. Because it's such a large crowd of course it takes a long time for the parking lots which all empty onto this road to empty out. That and the amount of beer sold at the concert, perfect combination for road rage.

We got home OK, no problems. The next morning we heard that there was a road rage incident where one guy attacked another guy with a baseball bat. The attacker we 27, the guy attacked was 41 or 44 years old. The 44 year old is in critical condition at the hospital. They arrested the 27 year old.

I heard at the 27 year olds arrainment that his lawyer argued he should be released immediatly because he is "a family man, and has to go to work".

At first this sounds pretty cut and dried, then I got a little more info from my minister. He told me that the story that is being told is that the 44 year old "victum" got out of his car and walked up to the other guys car and punched the guys wife in the face through the open window.

This puts a slightly different spin on it I guess. I'm not sure who's more at wrong here. If someone attacks your wife, are you justified in esculateing to a baseball bat? I havn't really heard either who was really at fault up to the point of getting out of cars, who cut who off.

So here's something to consider, would you intervene in a dispute, younger man with baseball bat attacking slightly older man unarmed? My minister said he was suprised that no one stopped it. I said I would be very hesitant to try and stop someone armed with a bat. He replied that he would step between them and try to talk the guy out of it, until the point where it was apparent he wasn't going to stop. I'm thinking thats still pretty risky, it could go bad real fast.

This is actually the third baseball bat attack in Bay County in the past three years. First one the guy was not expected to live, was almost given up as brain dead. After 3 or more month in comma he actually started to recover. Eventually he was able to barely walk, never regained ability to talk, and was severly handicapped. He just died about a month ago. I heard he fell at home or collapsed and was dead. The attacker is serving time, but since the victum "lived' such as it was for more than a year he wasn't charged with murder.

Second attack was at a trailer park, I hadn't head about that one until reading up on this most recent attack.

Sound to me like the pacifist here need to ban all baseball bats, unless you get a psychology exam and pass a FBI background check. In California they could just require that all bats be foam or wiffle bats.

here's and update from the paper:

Sanford woman hopeful husband will recover from head injuries suffered in baseball bat assault in Bay City | MLive.com

I'll post updates here as I get more details.