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Car vs Gun = Car wins!

This is a discussion on Car vs Gun = Car wins! within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Texas law allows the use of deadly force to protect/recover property as well as self defense. By committing an armed robbery the BG made himself ...

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Thread: Car vs Gun = Car wins!

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    Texas law allows the use of deadly force to protect/recover property as well as self defense.
    By committing an armed robbery the BG made himself fair game. By shooting at the property owner he just earned bonus points.
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    Good on the driver of that car.

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    That's what is meant by "taking the law into your own hands"...

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    Way to go for the building owner, thats one less piece of crap that we don`t have to waste our tax dollars on while there in prison.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mprp View Post
    The guy's probably going to get in trouble, but at least there's another society leech off the streets.
    Quote Originally Posted by Guantes View Post
    Get in trouble for what?
    Quote Originally Posted by mprp View Post
    I would imagine for chasing after him in a car instead of calling for help and letting LE take care of it. I can see maybe following from a distance to help LE locate the guy but he kind of put himself close enough to get shot at. His intentions would seem to be reflected by the outcome. BUT, if Texas law allows someone to drive after someone who robbed you when you know they have a weapon and run them down with a car, then he probably won't get in trouble.
    Quote Originally Posted by Guantes View Post
    While not always prudent, I know of no law anywhere that prohibits chasing someone who robbed you.


    I'm in Guantes camp on this one for sure.

    Quote from article;

    The building owner, whose name has not been released, got into his car and followed the suspect. During the chase the suspected robber fired a handgun at the driver, who then rammed the suspect against a metal fence in the parking lot of a strip mall about a half of a block away near 7313 Northline, police said.

    According to the article, to me it sounds like a clear cut case of self defense.
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    He will probably get away with that in Texas, but I bet his car insurance rates are going to skyrocket.
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    Legal? In Texas? Probably.

    Smart thing to do? Heck no. Risking his life for $800? It's gonna cost him more than that to fix his Lexus. That's what insurance is for.

    While I admire his spirit, this was just dumb.
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