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Truth is none of those people are going to sleep well for a while, but I would sleep alot better knowing that my daughter was safe and I got her out of there when I had the chance.

I'd bet my marriage would be a lot more sound than if I had stayed behind to take the shot.

That man did just what he should have... maybe a little bit slower on the move than optimal though.
Yea, I guess this makes sense. I appreciate all who commented on my question. It's tough though. I am not a "superman" or cop wannabe by any means. But I recently saw a video of a man who attacked another guy on a trolley with a knife. Almost cut his main artery in his neck and the passengers all fled and left the poor man for dead. I just personally have an issue leaving my fellow man to die (or potentially die) if I can help. Fine line I guess. Great discussion though.