Dad demands answers after man dies in alleged police beating

Dad demands answers after man dies in alleged police beating

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Thread: Dad demands answers after man dies in alleged police beating

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    Dad demands answers after man dies in alleged police beating

    Video catches witness horror at police beating - US news - Crime & courts -

    Hate these stories. Can understand how easy it is to loose it after a major conflict BUT???
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    Sounds like a murder to me. Just like any other case where someone dies as a result of unnecessary force. Unless the guy was armed, they may have a hard time explaining why so many of them couldn't get him under control and cuffed to the point that they had to beat him to death. I would demand answers too if I were his dad.
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    That's horrible. I would be curious to see the video

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    As an ex-cop I have been in situations where it took several officers to subdue someone. However, it took the numbers so that no one got hurt, not as an excuse to beat someone. Sometimes injuries did occur because some folks just don't know when to quit. That does not seem to be the case here. And we didn't have tasers back then either.

    Clearly more details are needed, but this does not look good. I'd really like to see that video!
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    Sad situation,and it will probably be swept away without any real answers.The article mentions schizophrenia.My wife worked as a client rights officer for people with M.R. and mental illness,years ago.There are so many on the streets,some will not help themselves,some cannot.I met a few who were dangerous when off their medication.I really don't know the answer as how LEO would determine the difference between a crackhead and the mentally ill.Did they beat the man out of anger?Not many details.Sad all the way around.
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    Police Officer's attorney, has already offerred up about a $461,000 settlement to be split among family members. Look at the pictures of him, that's excessive force. That's not learning properly how to subdue someone. These guys were relying on having numerous guys, a taser, boots, fists, and clubs to subdue him ? Sorry, but that just means you don't know what you are doing, and you don't beat the guy to death. They're responsible for his death..... blaming the real victim here is a bit absurd.

    It used to amaze me (excuse how I say this) but some are really 'dumb', unprepared, and unskilled at knowing how to subdue or handlcuff someone. An example : I was average size and average build at the time. A guy I knew well (about my size, etc) was escorting a guy that was about 5'11" tall, and pure bulging muscles (Mr Atlas build), 250 lbs back to the detention area after he learned some very bad news from the Judge, and was not handcuffed because of just coming out of the courtroom. They turn a corner, and we hear a blood curdling yell , and knew a fight was on. Three of us go around the corner and he was wrestling with the guy on the floor. A friend, 6'5" tall, about 290 and strong as a moose jumps in, and another guy I knew well and just as muscular and strong as the guy being wrestled, jumps in. There was no room for me to jump in with these guys on him. They could NOT cuff this guy.

    After a few minutes of this I told them to all get out of the way and let me do it, and I"ld have him cuffed within 5 seconds.
    They "laughed" and said , OK... 1, 2 , 3 ... we're off. I dropped down and had him cuffed within 5 seconds. This guy was much much stronger than I was.... however, if you know the pressure points and holds to use, I don't care how strong nor big you are, it will have you submissive and crying like a baby..... you WILL cooperate as the cuffs are slapped on.
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    I was trained whenever possible wait for plenty of backup before going hands on to minimize injuries to LEO and Suspect.
    I don't care how much money they offer up as far as a civil case,if there was e3xcessive force used that is backed up by a video,I can see the Officers being charged criminally in State and/or Federal court
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