Fleeing Burglar Plummets to death

Fleeing Burglar Plummets to death

This is a discussion on Fleeing Burglar Plummets to death within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; A thief fell to his death Monday after a resident confronted him as he was breaking into her upper East Side apartment, police said.The would-be ...

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Thread: Fleeing Burglar Plummets to death

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    Fleeing Burglar Plummets to death

    A thief fell to his death Monday after a resident confronted him as he was breaking into her upper East Side apartment, police said.The would-be burglar was trying to slip into the sixth-floor apartment on E. 91st St. through a patio screen door when the woman called out - startling him, cops said.

    He fled onto the roof of the six-story building and then tried to make his way onto the roof of the neighboring building, police sources said.
    But as he was crossing over he fell down an air shaft about 10:20 a.m.
    He died at the scene. Police did not immediately identify him, but he appeared to be in his 20s, cops said. "I heard this bang," said James Charles, 55, a maintenance worker in the building. He said he at first assumed an air conditioner had fallen from a window.
    "I looked out the window and there was this guy," he said.
    The three-foot-wide air shaft is covered with chicken wire, and the burglar may have tried to walk across it instead of jumping over it, one police source said.
    "I think it's karma and stupidity," said Tiffany Spencer, 28, a jeweler who lives on the fifth floor. "It's survival of the fittest when you jump from building to building."

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    Its nice to know that criminals aren't getting any smarter. I think maybe they should have to pass some kinda class to be a criminal. Maybe we could have a few good ones. Hang on, it just came to me they are all running our country... Dang it. We do have succesfull criminals.

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    Stuff happens, sometimes its bad, sometimes not so bad.
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    You know...there's something to be said for assumptions... Every article seems to declare the suspect as a thief or burglar. Just because he's trying to break in doesn't make him a thief. Any chance he was WORSE than a thief? Just sayin...
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    Chicken wire failed, it's supposed to keep vermin out of the shaft.
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    Fell off the building....5 or 6 stories to his death you say? What a pity.......that he didn't take a few other criminals with him.
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    You might say he got the shaft. lol
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    No mercy, he got what he deserved.
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    But he's SOMEBODY'S BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nothing like a good 'ole gravity test! A gravity test is a whole lot easier when there's an expendable volunteer ready to go.

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    Wonder if he yelled HOOOOOOOOAH as he went out the doo.........er, down the hatch?
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    I'm waiting for them to file charges against the victim for verbally killing him,had she not shouted he wouldn't have had to try to jump across the roof which resulted in his death
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    I guess he really got the drop on them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneshot View Post
    But he's SOMEBODY'S BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity." - Unknown

    ... And a good boy who was misunderstood and just turning his life around!

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