BAD: Another one not smart enough to own a gun

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Thread: BAD: Another one not smart enough to own a gun

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    BAD: Another one not smart enough to own a gun

    This is ridiculous. Examining his gun?

    Savannah 2-year-old shot by neighbor
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    Police say Jabre Goodine told them he had just bought the gun and was looking it over while standing beside his house when it went off just before 8 p.m. Wednesday.

    Actually...guns don't just 'go off'...OMOYMV, but it's always a finger thing that can easily happen with out training and muscle memory...expensive training lesson.
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    Actually...guns don't just 'go off'...OMOYMV, but it's always a finger thing that can easily happen with out training and muscle memory...expensive training lesson.[/QUO

    My thoughts exactly! The only thing I might be able to do is say it slower so the shooter may be able to comprehend.

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    A 19 year old buys a gun and is looking it over when it "just went off".

    I wonder if he just bought it from a reputable gun dealer or from the street.

    Either way a 2 year old is suffering because of this idiots actions.

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    The gun just went off is like saying "the car just crashed". Of course that is what he would tell police. Blame it on the gun.

    If he followed even one of the 4 rules of firearms that kid would not have been hurt. But he broke......every.......single......rule.
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    Just another case for the anti-gun idiots

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    So.. he bought a new gun and wanted to examine it.... since when did new guns come loaded?

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    It's a good thing he's not my neighbor.
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    I have never went outside beside my house to examine a new gun. That right there tells me he did not buy it from a reputable source, and probably without his parents knowledge. What he was planning to do with it, who knows. If I was to start guessing, I would bet a "friend" of his stole it and sold it to him.

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    But officer, he's a good boy who was just about to turn his life around! He bought the gun so he could join an NRA pistol shooting program and learn how to be a responsible member of the community! (HEAVY sarcasm) I don't know of any reputable dealers who sell loaded guns. Bet it is stolen and he bought it from sumbody in da hood! And I'm sure he had honest and reputable intentions for how he was going to use it! (more heavy sarcasm). I wonder just how many people on this forum stand outside their house to examine the new gun they just bought from a reputable dealer. I bet ZERO!!!! Sorry if I sound cynical, but I've been around too long to have any sympathy for idiots, criminals, and future criminals. Just sayin.
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    Translation: This stick wipe really wanted to shoot his new gun & chose the wrong time/place to do so!
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    Too bad he wasn't looking down the barrel whilst examining it... kindof a two birds - one stone kinda thing.
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    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    I hope the little child recovers fully. It's a wonder this kid even reached 19 years of age, he probably won't make 21.
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    I agree. I know I don't know the whole thing but it sounds like an underage guy was just "on the side of his house" yeah ok... And the gun "went off". If I was the investigating officer I would be checking to see that he wasn't just dying to shoot it and thought he could just pop one off in the back yard.

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    Sad for the little child. Hope all turns out well for the child. I hope the full force of the law comes down on the 19 year-old. Pistols, at least all modern pistols that I'm familiar with, DO NOT JUST GO OFF!! The TRIGGER WAS PULLED!! PERIOD!

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