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Robber shot dead at walmart

This is a discussion on Robber shot dead at walmart within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Abbott produced a "sharp object" and attempted to rob Canul, Logan Police Chief E.K. Harper said. Canul then pulled a handgun from his waistband and ...

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Thread: Robber shot dead at walmart

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    Abbott produced a "sharp object" and attempted to rob Canul, Logan Police Chief E.K. Harper said.
    Canul then pulled a handgun from his waistband and shot Abbott once in the head, Harper said.
    It just doesn't get any more succinct than that....

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    Quote Originally Posted by SigHawk View Post
    Maybe the shooter should have yelled, "Hey, you dropped a $20 bill!" as the BG was running away. Then the BG would have turned around, making it a legal kill...kidding of course. The threat was clearly over.

    But what if the BG had said "I'll be back to kill you later!" Would the shooting have been justified, er, legal, then?
    No. An immediate threat is uaually required. A threat that may come later poses nothing immediate and can be avoided. This is where law enforcement has a hard time sometimes because even if someone states their intentions or makes threats, even if they are probable, not a whole lot can be done about it. Their hands are tied in a lot of these cases and nothing can be done until the BG actually pulls through with the act and breaks the law. (at the peril of the victim in some cases I may add)

    You can't claim defense unless the statement is also accompanied with the ability and you have reason to believe there's immediate threat of life or GBH, not some later event.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZX9RCAM View Post
    Same thing happened in Houston (Joe Horn).
    if I recall properly there was a huge to do about the houston incident, here is was atta boy

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    I personally beleive that any illegal action that results in the death of a perp due to his actions, should be dealt with as self defense.

    The guy that was robbed should not be charged with murder. Period. What he was doing was legal. The fact that some dude scuffled with him and produced a sharp object and then ran off with his wallet should be proof enough. Yeah...the perp got shot in the back of the head. Who cares?

    If you dont want to get shot...dont hold people up with sharp objects.

    Now you have a guy who's life is about to radically change just because he was there and someone held him up. I hold zero pity for the perp.

    It aint right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adric22 View Post
    Can you enlighten us as to what the case-law says?
    Mr. Ayoob just recently published an article on the subject in Combat Handguns Magazine, entitled "Justified Shots In The Back."

    It's on page 8 of the September, 2011 edition if you can get a hold of it. I don't know if it's available online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apvbguy View Post
    if I recall properly there was a huge to do about the houston incident, here is was atta boy
    Absolutely, big to do, but he was aquitted.

    It SHOULD have been an atta boy.....
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    The police were right to arrest for murder. The facts are not yet clear cut. The charges can always be dropped if it turns out to be self-defense.

    I hope that if that is the case the AG there has the proper sense of justice and does drop the charges.

    If they don't arrest and let the shooter go and he wasn't shooting in self-defense, He would most likly skip town immediately.

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    He should have popped a few rounds in his gut while he was in the headlock.
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    I would love to be on that jury; guaranteed no conviction in the first trial!! JURY NULLIFICATION!!!!!
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    Good aim, understandable anger, but questionable judgement and awareness. Walking around with a large wad of cash is not the time to be daydreaming.
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    this is very sad. hope he gets off of this charge
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverickx50 View Post
    I read some place here recently that It's pretty easy to end up shooting the BG in the back do to the delay in ones reaction to the turn and run reactions. As a shooter it takes too long to process the change in the situational danger. as such, the trigger gets pulled after the BG has spun around making it look really bad when it really wasn't at the time only due to reaction time. (Somebody put a time line on these reactions which was an eye opener but I don't know where that could be found at this moment)
    Quote Originally Posted by apvbguy View Post
    there has been a lot of case law on this Massad Ayob has written a lot about this and has testified in court about it
    Quote Originally Posted by Stubborn View Post
    I'm with "Maverick" on this one. I remember the thread also, it involved an LEO shooting someone, and in fact, Mas Ayoob was called in as an "expert" witness, and proved that someone could turn quicker than the shooter could react to it.
    End was deemed to be a good shoot and the LEO got off.
    I don't remember the title of the thread though...seems like it was just in the last couple of weeks or so.
    It's really going to depend how far away the guy is when you shoot him in the back! If he's done turned and run 4 or 5 paces away or so, it's gonna be a bad shoot.

    We're talking about two people facing each other while you're under an immediate and lethal threat. As you make the decision to draw and fire and have started to execute the movement and the subjects starts to turn and flee is where a good expert witness and person able to interpret the physical evidence can really help you out.

    But if someone has you in a head lock, and snatched your wallet out of your pocket and then rockets away, he's already on the fly when you even think about drawing and shooting.

    I would guess in this case, the robber had already started to open the distance significantly by the time the victim even pulled his gun. I'm guessing he had plenty of time to hold his shot, but he let his emotions get the best of him.

    It sucks! Big time. It's not right people should be able to take all your money and then run away... But I've said, time and time again, "You can't let your emotions get the best of you!"

    It would be nice if prosecutors would side with the victims more than the offenders, but that's the world in which we live. It does seem the offender gets more rights than the victims, doesn't it? And the judges aren't much better. They are constantly letting rapists and child molesters walk on probation.
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    Should have shot him in the leg. JK!
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    Well, if it was two criminals interacting, then based on the size of the sampling data, there are 100% less criminals on the street. Now if we can quantify this out of the entire country, we would be crime free in a very short time.

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    When I went through the CHL class we were told to shoot at center mass to stop the threat. We were also told that a head shot would normally be looked at as a homicide.

    Now the stress level is high, adrenaline is pumping, the bad guy is running and you get a head shot.

    I think more info onthe incident is needed.
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