Bad - Charges Filed in Florida Youth Football Brawl

Bad - Charges Filed in Florida Youth Football Brawl

This is a discussion on Bad - Charges Filed in Florida Youth Football Brawl within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Police in Florida have filed charges against four people for brawling at a football game -- all over a disputed call in a Sarasota Little ...

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Thread: Bad - Charges Filed in Florida Youth Football Brawl

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    Bad - Charges Filed in Florida Youth Football Brawl

    Police in Florida have filed charges against four people for brawling at a football game -- all over a disputed call in a Sarasota Little League game.

    The Aug. 27 game between two teams of 13- and 14-year-olds turned violent when one of the Sarasota Gators' coaches came off the sideline and, according to the police, began verbally assaulting the referee, Jayme Ream, who then ended the game. The coach responded by throwing a water bottle at the ref, prompting other people to join the melee.

    The brawl grew as people continued to come off the sideline, including a 14-year-old Gators player who tackled the ref to the ground.

    In a press conference today, the referee, who fractured his shoulder in the fight, says he believes emotions simply got out of control during the game, but he plans to continue officiating in the league.
    Charges Filed in Florida Youth Football Brawl - ABC News
    This is ridiculous. I maintain my position that crowds can be dangerous; people in crowds easily assume a mob mentality and exhibit behavior that they never would display if they were acting alone. Never assume that an assailant has to be 20 years old or older.

    These people were, IMO, acting like wild animals. Its ashame the ref didn't have a healthy can of OC he could've willed and dispersed the crowd long enough to avoid injury. Disparity of force definitely comes into play with this scenario but it may be questionable as to what extent the ref could have exhibited and continued to be well within the boundaries of legalities.

    Charges have been filed and rightly so.
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    The coach responded by throwing a water bottle at the ref, prompting other people to join the melee.
    I hope the coach is charged accordingly for inciting the crowd.


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    The coach should be suspended, indefinitely.
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    Most often it is the adults and not the kids who start such crap.
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    Parents can no doubt be the worst part of youth sports.
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    On the radio today (70 miles north of Sarasota) a lot of Sarasota folks gave their opinion. The coach felt that the ref made some bad calls. it was pointed out that the coach was throwing things at the ref earlier.
    The ref expelled the coach, and that's when all hell broke loose.
    Then the coach charged the field and the kid hit the ref.
    Has anyone in YOUR media mentioned that all the mob was black, and the ref was white?
    Some felt race played a part, some didn't..
    There were black refs and they were not harmed.
    Regardless, many in the Sarasota area feel that the league has gotten out of control.

    Personally, I'm glad the ref is filing charges.

    There are many angles of people recording this episode, so I hope the court doesn't whitewash this. (no pun intended).

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    "Has anyone in YOUR media mentioned that all the mob was black, and the ref was white?
    Some felt race played a part, some didn't.."

    Not that I have heard or read.

    The police are filing the charges which in the state of Florida are felonies.

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    I refereed soccer for about 12 years...and adults could get real bad...

    I never had any rush the field...but the language was the kind I would have thrown a player out for using...

    Living in Northern Virginia, there is a large immigrant population from all over the world...including most soccer crazy countries...

    The worst parents were the Americans who knew little to nothing about soccer...

    But, it was good exercise and since I'm a big guy...I was really only threatened an adult player from Jamaica after I tossed him for violent play...
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    "[Has anyone in YOUR media mentioned that all the mob was black, and the ref was white?]" SHHHH Someone might get As This stuff NEVER happens
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    Come on...let's keep this politically correct...NOT!
    The adults deserve lengthy jail time.
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    I saw the video of this......crazy. If I was the ref and saw that kid coming and knew what he was gonna do, i would have hip tossed him through the goal post. The kid that tackled him knew what he was doing, and what the end result of his actions would have been. I would say a bambi bucket of OC dropped in the crowd would have been a good call
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    The coach that pitched the bottle doesn't need to ever be a coach again and charged with assault. The punk that did the tackle deserves his butt kicked big time by his father, and I mean big time!

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    The expression "little league dad" isn't a complement. My son was in Little League exactly one season because the parents were just plain awful to be around. Loud, rude, calling people names, shouting at refs, opposing teams players - it was not a pleasant experience for myself or my son. That was 30 years ago, apparently it isn't any better today.

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    The adults as well as the kids that got involved all deserve some jail time and i hope the referee files a lawsuit against all of them.

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    I used to ref Minneapolis City League basketball. I never had problems with the kids, just their parents. Final straw was during a game, with both teams all black kids, one coach accused me of being racist because he felt I was not calling it fair for both teams. Never mind his team was a bunch of thugs, but I was racist for not calling fouls against the other team. As he had a melt down and had to be held back, I walk over to a league official and told him, never again.

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