GOOD: Hopefully, near closure and justice

This is a discussion on GOOD: Hopefully, near closure and justice within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; It's too bad that MI is one of the few states that outlawed capital punishment. Man Stands Trial In Deadly Shooting Of 3-Year-Old Girl...

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Thread: GOOD: Hopefully, near closure and justice

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    GOOD: Hopefully, near closure and justice

    It's too bad that MI is one of the few states that outlawed capital punishment.

    Man Stands Trial In Deadly Shooting Of 3-Year-Old Girl
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    Thirty shots into the house?
    I guess his defense cannot say that his gun misfired.
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    Yep, he needs to go away forever!
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    He needs some old west justice, a tall tree and a short rope.
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    But....but.....but....He's a good boy, and he was trying to get his life together!
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    He will most likely get life in prison as the final verdict. It seems as if people are afraid to even consider the death penalty in cases such as this. What possible contribution to law-abiding society can this guy make? He is a leech, a predator and has absolutely no usefulness other than the "poster boy" for the world's worst possible kind of behaviour and a morally defunct sub human being with no redeeming qualities. He will still be leeching as he sits in prison rotting away.

    There is probably no hope of rehabilitation, expression of sorrow, or any compensation to those he wronged. Maybe he will find religion in prison, but that in itself is too little, too late.

    Just a sad set of circumstances with no easy answer.
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