BAD: 2 teens in school with loaded gun

BAD: 2 teens in school with loaded gun

This is a discussion on BAD: 2 teens in school with loaded gun within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This suburban city and HS is going down the same path that many other metro Detroit cities have gone. Pay no attention to the on ...

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Thread: BAD: 2 teens in school with loaded gun

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    BAD: 2 teens in school with loaded gun

    This suburban city and HS is going down the same path that many other metro Detroit cities have gone.

    Pay no attention to the on scene reporter's reference to a "loaded clip".

    2 Teens Accused Of Having Loaded Gun In School
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    Man, 14 years ago when I was in high school, we still had a fair number of kids who had rifles/shotguns in the back of their vehicles. They came in with those who hunted so that time could be shaved off after school hunting trips. No one got hurt, and the teachers would sometimes come out to see what the students had. They would also show off their own firearms too.

    Now, I can't even have a picture of guns anywhere even though I'm a gun owner, and gun nut who works in my former high school. How far things have fallen into stupidity. It makes me sad some days.

    The kids being interviewed seem pretty naive too. Like so many others today.
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    I Graduated in 07 and there were many days i had a rifle or a shotgun in the truck with me when i went to school and i know of at least 10 other people that had one every day, one day there was a bomb threat or something where the dogs and stuff had to come and they went out by everyone's vehicles, one person got caught and got in a little trouble but nothing too major. no body ever got threatened or anything like that at school with a gun its just a common thing around here if you are from the country you always have something in the car as you never know what your going to see on the way home

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    Unfortunately times have changed. Even so, hunting rifles and shotguns don't apply in this case. I don't think the 2 involved were going hunting after school. At least not 4 legged deer.
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    Yeah, I might have had a rifle or a shotty in my car in HS 30 years ago, but I never carried a loaded pistol in school. And I wouldn't have shot someone for "dissing" me. Indeed, times have changed. Does anyone else have the mindset, that if/when you're ever involved in an SD shooting, it's gonna be a kid you have to dust? Both times I've had a gun stuck in my face, it was a little Nubian ignoramus.

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    My High School days go way back to the early 70's when guns on campus were unheard of. English was the language of the day and teachers knew more than the students. But now we're 'progressive' and all that sort of stuff is obsolete.
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