Good : California Woman Shoots Would Be Intruder

Good : California Woman Shoots Would Be Intruder

This is a discussion on Good : California Woman Shoots Would Be Intruder within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I saw this video on the AP service and was amazed at the way this lady defended herself against a man who was determined to ...

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Thread: Good : California Woman Shoots Would Be Intruder

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    Good : California Woman Shoots Would Be Intruder

    I saw this video on the AP service and was amazed at the way this lady defended herself against a man who was determined to break into her home and do whatever he had on his mind. It happend in Califorinia where we know the firearms laws are so strict, it is amazing she was even able to own one, let alone use it to thrwart her attacker. This should be a wake up call for California legislators to seriously look at how keeping firearms away from decent citizens will not stop this kind of thing from happening.

    Then again, maybe not. Depends on who is in office making laws.

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    How could that happen? I thought the right to self defense was illegal in California. So how this will get turned around and this woman was in the wrong and they will fry her.

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    Good for her. She seems very calm collected in the interview. It was interesting that the media reported her initial shots as warning shots, but in her interview she says she just pointed the firearm at the intruder and fired twice. I wonder where her first two rounds went?
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    All together a good outcome! Go Granny!
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    Burn in HELL,creeper!,why would you want to hurt a sweet ol'granny,wish mine was still around.

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    Good shooting Ms. Hopper!!! I hope if it ever happens again she will get her gun first.

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    This little triumph for the armed grandma won't be allowed to hang around long on the West Coast news stream I'll betcha...
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    I think she handled herself magnificantly. Well done.


    PS: There are lots of good folks with guns in their homes in California. Not as many as PA, but way more than it's popular to admit.

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