Incident Report -- Goblin vs. my wife

Incident Report -- Goblin vs. my wife

This is a discussion on Incident Report -- Goblin vs. my wife within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Please note: this happened about a year and a half ago, but was VERY real. I think it\'s an excellent opportunity to 1) review and ...

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Thread: Incident Report -- Goblin vs. my wife

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    Incident Report -- Goblin vs. my wife

    Please note: this happened about a year and a half ago, but was VERY real. I think it\'s an excellent opportunity to 1) review and consider how to handle such a situation and 2) open a discussion about self-defense with those you love who might have bliss-ninny tendencies.

    Relevant facts:

    My wife is a big, strong she-lion of a woman. She has completed all of her requirements (CCW class, successful target engagement, $115 fee and red-tape runaround from inept state gubmint) and is waiting for her CCW license to arrive. Her \"principles\" will not allow her to carry until it\'s here. (2004 update: she\'s got it now).

    She runs a wholesale newspaper business where she delivers to grocery and convenience stores, and stocks newspaper racks in another (very affluent) area of our town.

    Usually between the hours of 3-5am. :o

    (I did this for 3 years along with my day job, and it got to be too much, so she took it over at the end of last year-- probably to show me what a weenie I am--you don\'t mess with Mrs. Fignozzle).

    On Tuesday morning ~4am, she pulled into Hardee\'s to fill the rack machine on each side of the store. She always does a quick loop around the building to scan before stopping, and saw no one. She gets out, beeps the machine with her electronic opener, and puts her stack of papers in. Her car is parked behind her (no more than 2 feet from where she is standing), and with the door open and window down, she essentially has a barrier from the front direction.

    She closes the machine and sees a man standing at the front left hood area of the car.
    As she sits down in the drivers seat and closes the door (window is down), he walks toward her, grabs her arm and says \"what time is it?\"

    By then, she\'s grabbed her pepper spray in the dashboard cubby with the other hand. While shaking the OC vigorously, she replied \"I don\'t know, and I SUGGEST you\'d better go ask somebody else.\" (I imagine this to have sounded akin to the low growl of a cornered panther) :o

    It took him about 2 more seconds to see and recognize the OC, and he let go, sprung backwards and said \"Okay...I will!\" and took off to the woods at the back of the parking lot.

    She was more mad than anything else at that point (she said he was very drunk). She went up to the convenience store across the street (where she knows the employees well) and called the Sherriff\'s Dept. and filed a report.

    Once he closed the distance and grabbed her arm, it became an assault.
    She says now, she thinks she should have sprayed him.
    She also says if she had had her CCW with her, it was DEFINITELY a \'draw weapon'situation.

    Please give us some review/debriefing/opinions on this incident.
    Should it have been handled differently? We\'ve already been back over the situational awareness factor; even so, it may not have made a large difference to have seen where he popped out from.


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    In my opinion she did the right thing. I guess the question you should ask her (I\'m sure you already have) is what she would have done had he not let go of her and moved back. If she said \"spray him and get the hell outta there\", then she was right on the mark. Not much more she could have done in either scenario. The only thing she might have done better was have the OC in her hand anytime she gets out of the car at that time of the night.

    I would expect that now that she has her CCW that she will be a lot more aware so nobody could appear quickly like that again. Glad to hear she came out of that encounter okay.

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    +1 for less-lethal.

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    I agree she neutralized the attacker with the threat of the OC, the use of non lethal force is always best. However (here it comes) had it been a hyped up crack head, the OC would have been as effective as throwing candy at them.

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