Ohian Who Shot Unarmed Thief In Neighbor's Car Cleared By Grand Jury

Ohian Who Shot Unarmed Thief In Neighbor's Car Cleared By Grand Jury

This is a discussion on Ohian Who Shot Unarmed Thief In Neighbor's Car Cleared By Grand Jury within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The subject of this story from last October was given a pass by a grand jury today. When are shootings by civilians justified? | The ...

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Thread: Ohian Who Shot Unarmed Thief In Neighbor's Car Cleared By Grand Jury

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    Ohian Who Shot Unarmed Thief In Neighbor's Car Cleared By Grand Jury

    The subject of this story from last October was given a pass by a grand jury today.
    When are shootings by civilians justified? | The Columbus Dispatch

    Here is the latest update:
    Grand Jury: No Indictment For Man Claiming Self Defense | NBC 4i

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    This is good news indeed. As more criminals pay the ultimate price others may see the error of their ways.

    Although neither article gave the deceased's criminal record I would be very surprised if this was his first venture into crime.

    I may be cold hearted but people work too hard for their possessions and anyone who thinks other peoples things should be theirs for free should consider just what the true cost can be.

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    Got no problem the shooting
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    I used to kind of feel sorry for those who got into crime. I was giving the benefit of the doubt. Considered the circumstances of how a person's lot it life was and what may have driven them to commit crime.

    Well I used to. Now I basically have no use for someone who wants to chose crime over a decent lifestyle. The more I see and read about criminals the less likely I am to have much sympathy. They are getting more violent and just downright brazen in their commission of crime. There are the excuses no doubt, but what we fail to see is that there are no excuses for crime. None.

    Some bleeding hearts will say that someone should not lose their life over material things, but it's come to the point that people are tired of seeing these thugs stealing at will and nothing done to prevent it. Criminals have no problem taking property and even the life of their victims, so if someone responds in kind and the life is forfeited in the commission of a crime then I say so be it.

    That's life. You make choices and the consequences can be severe, even bringing about death. I am really more sorrowful for the guy who had to make the choice to shoot this scum bag to stop his criminal lifesyle.
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    There is no reason for crime, no matter how hard somebody has it. Growing up in my high school years we had it so hard, to get to school was an acheivement, my mom, brother, and i would pile into the only thing we had that ran, a 74 f150 2wd, and scrap together 5 bucks for gas that day and drive to school 18 miles and my mom to work. Then after school my brother and i would catch a ride to our own jobs then later our mom would pick us up, then scrape up 5-8 bucks up for dinner at wendys and off to home. Later the transmission went out in the truck and we stayed at various friends houses till it got better. This was a extremly hard time for us, when other kids were blowing thei money we were just tring to stay alive. Not once did we ever think about stealing.

    Sorry for the sob story people think they have it so bad.....
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    Don't know whether the man had him at gun point when he continued to advance on him and disobeyed the commands, but if that's the case, you have to assume the criminal believes he can disarm you.

    Both of the news stories are somewhat vague regarding the circumstances, but sometimes petty theft leads to something more deadly for the criminal.
    Semper Fi

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    "The shooting death has raised questions about when it is legal for a civilian to use deadly force."
    Evidently when they break into a car and then threaten you when confronted

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    Great outcome! another good messege sent to the BG in the neighborhood.

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    I have to make a choice here without too much info...home owner taking care of his neighbor's stuff, and a dirtbag breaking in to steal 'stuff' because he's too lazy to work.
    O.K., I'll side with the home owner!

    Next question?
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    Sounds like the grand jury and the prosecutor got it right this time. I have no sympathy for the BG, but I do for the neighbor who did the shooting. Although it was justified, I'm certain it bothers him that he had to take a life.
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