old man with a pistol shoots two of three teens robbing him

This is a discussion on old man with a pistol shoots two of three teens robbing him within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; "if I wasn't in a good mood they would have carried them away" this is after he got hit in the head with a baseball ...

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Thread: old man with a pistol shoots two of three teens robbing him

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    old man with a pistol shoots two of three teens robbing him

    "if I wasn't in a good mood they would have carried them away" this is after he got hit in the head with a baseball bat. this is one tough old man..

    One old man with a pistol bests three teenage robbers - YouTube

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    He's lucky he was able to get some shots off. It looks like they hit him pretty hard. He is one tough man, indeed.
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    Glad the guy's okay. He sure seems to be taking it well. Naturally cheerful and optimistic, I guess.
    (I woulda stot them, too)

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    Fuggedabout it,sounds like he might of grew up in a tough neighborhood in his younger days,I might be in a good mood,but crack me in the head with a bat and I'm now in a bad mood and I'm shooting COM,the life lesson they learn from me may be their last
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    You don't need to know
    One tough old bird, good on him.
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    Good ending! However, they will be back at it soon.
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    Seems like a likeable old dude :)

    Nicer than me too... I'd shot everyone I didn't know.

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    1st mistake was he opened the door Sat. at NIGHT when he didn't know who was there............if that was my home they would have had to break down the door with that bat then they would have been met by my male 4 yr. old 95 lb. GS and....... whatever else came their way.

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    He knew better than to shoot the one who ran, in the back. Had he done so, he might not have been smiling. This is what 2A rights are all about. Everyone should learn a lesson from this, especially the two who got shot. They should thank the guy for saving their lives.

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    Happy ending for that guy...what a hard-head! lol

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    Acute victim selection failure. It's a rising cause of death and serious injury among dirtbags...
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    Sometimes good guys finish first!
    Nice guy, great attitude!
    All that said....
    It could be worse.
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    A great story about a tough senior citizen...too bad he didn't make it the end of the road for these little scum seeds.
    Every time I think of the ability of these kinds of kids (and most kids do stupid things, and this goes way beyond that) to go to a house to split someone's head open for a few bucks...
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    Keep door closed.
    Have better chance of not needing gun.
    Call police.
    Tell punks cops are on their way.
    Glad he survived.
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    Mistaken assumption by the younger generation, that they are tougher than the older one. Common mistake, sometimes fatal.
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