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    My moms house was broken into she was not home nor were my Sisters.
    The Sheriff came out to her place. She lives in a rural area so it takes the Sheriff a long time to get anywere and she lives about 15 miles from the nearest town and 5 miles from the nearest house.
    She has had things happen before such as 40 of her chickens were killed & their legs were broken.
    A gate was also broken and on multiple occasions someone has been driving in her driveway.
    She has pictures of all of this and the Sheriff can't really do anything.
    She has a gun (and can use it) and she also has a concealed weapons permit.
    I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or advice to make her house safer.
    Anyone have luck with game cams or video cameras?
    Thank You

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    First off welcome to the board. Second it sounds like your mother has some serious issues that she needs to deal with. I firmly believe that the game camera/video camera is most likely the best starting point. Although there are some wireless camera systems out there that she may be able to get for a decent price and set them up to feed to a DVR or the internet. I hate to hear things like this, I hope you are able to come up with a solution. Tell your mother and your sisters (hope they have their CCW) that they need to be aware of their surroundings, it is critical. I am sure that you will get further advice from some of the other members on this site, there seem to be a number of people that are more about this subject and they seem to have some good ideas.

    Best of luck and be safe,

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    Wireless security around entrance to property is a plus, "still camaras like the ones hunters use" placed around where chickens are kept. Why is someone doing this in the first place? Any arguements?? Mad coworkers?? If your mom is scared I'd put a dashboard cam in the car. Put a heavy gate at driveway entrance post signs etc. Get some clear photos pursue with the law!!! The fact your mom was not home is good.

    I'd install some video cameras in several highly visible locations "IR" Could get costly depending how clear a picture you want. Usually if someone knows they are being video taped they will cease.

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    Maybe put a game camera at the entrance of her drive way. Let it take pictures and when things happen around the house, i.e. chickens, the gate, ect.., call the police and file a report, look at the game camera, and hopefully the BG's car and plate number is visable. I would then call and say you have proof this car was here then this happened. If they dont bite on that, atleast you have proof of trespassing, and can get them on that.

    Welcome to the forum, Good luck, stay safe, and be alert.
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    Welcome to the forum. Any upset ex boy friends? or ex husband? Good advice from the rest of the members here already.
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    Motion lights, even set some up remotely, perhaps near the entrance to the driveway, with protective shields. Driveway alarm. Install a gate, remote controlled or padlocked all the time. They are a PITA but very effective if vehicles cannot bypass them. BGs have to park on the road and hoof it in unless they are bold enough to bring bolt cutters or ram it.
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    A vicious attack dog will go a long way to solving her issue...
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    I have to agree on the dogs, Also what is your castle laws in your state? If someone is harming my animals by breaking their legs someone will be limping from me as well.

    Do your sisters have ex's that would do this, if she has pictures of the cars that have come parked does anyone she/or sisters know of anyone who has a car like that? does it happen on certain days as well?

    I would also get two dogs, they need friends
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    Im the type that wants to catch these people, make sure you hide the game cameras and pair them with motion lights so the bg does not take them with him, catch him in the act

    If your more fo prevention get some cameras then get some fake cameras as well

    Note: saw on "i allmost got away with it" a home cam corder put on the front porch caught a drive by shooter in the act and convicted her because of it, pretty much same situation as you have here(except vic was home)
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    Growing up my family had a series of biting dogs (about 25 years worth) from the same family of dogs...we had a thieving neighbor tell another neighbor our "dogs scared em"...BTW...we never got anything stolen from us...

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