Home posted "armed," owner killed in double fatal shootout during home invasion

Home posted "armed," owner killed in double fatal shootout during home invasion

This is a discussion on Home posted "armed," owner killed in double fatal shootout during home invasion within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Double Shooting Happened At House With Warning Sign - Greenville News Story - WYFF Greenville GREER, S.C. -- A warning sign on a front door ...

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Thread: Home posted "armed," owner killed in double fatal shootout during home invasion

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    Home posted "armed," owner killed in double fatal shootout during home invasion

    Double Shooting Happened At House With Warning Sign - Greenville News Story - WYFF Greenville

    GREER, S.C. -- A warning sign on a front door didn’t prevent a robbery attempt that ended with two people dead.
    Douglas "Butch" Burgess Jr., 62, had a sign posted on the front door of his house on Pelham Street in Greer that said: “PLAY IT SAFE – ROB SOMEONE ELSE – WE HAVE GUNS AND WLL NOT HESITATE TO SHOOT YOU.”
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    Sounds like he threw down the challenge and someone took him up on it. Best to not let the BG know what is waiting for them.

    Bad situation all around. Prayers for the victim.
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    We don't know how many robberies that sign may have prevented. We do know of the one it didn't. Sad!
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    This is why I don't like signs like this. If they want to get in your home, they now know to bring firepower are ready when they come in the door.

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    Well, it's very sad he was killed, but at least he took her with him! He shot her in the leg and she died in surgery. Would have been nicer if she bled out on the scene, but at least she won't be robbing and shooting anyone else.

    I agree that's it's best not to advertise and just surprise them. I do my best to be the "grey man."
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    That is one of the main reasons I obtained my Concealed Carry License about three years ago because of fools like that. This shows that having a firearm does not insulate you from being injured or killed it just makes the odds better in your favor of surviving although it did not help this guy but at least the robber did not get away scott free.

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    Rest In Peace Mr Burgess, Rot In Hell Tamika Weatherspoon
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    What a shame. I'm not a big fan of these signs though.

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    This "in your face" bravado type attitude will ultimately backfire and it could very well have attracted the attack rather than repelled one.

    I feel bad for the homeowner, but a little less advertising and a lot more security would have been better.

    Unfortuntely he will spend eternity pondering the situation.

    So will the dead girl.
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    Its obvious that Mr. Burgess lived his life by his rules. Its sad that it cost him....
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    I think it's a stupid idea,first of all they now expect you to be armed so if they get the drop on you they may very well make sure you don't have a concealed gun,and number 2 guns on the street are worth a lot of money to a junkie,you just let everybody know you have a valuable street commodity.
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    Sad. There is no reason that I can see to draw attention to yourself about anything, guns included. If somebody is out to get some guns, they will go where there is a very good possiblity of finding them. That sign on your door tells them that you have guns. That's why I cc, if I need my gun, I want it to be a surprise and on my grounds when they find out about it.
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    I've always figured a sign like that was an invitation for someone who wants guns to come and try to take them.

    The signs are cute, they may even often be effective, but when they advertise that you have something a BG wants, and when that BG comes prepared for winning, they sign is a negative; as the homeowner discovered.
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    Sorry Mr. Burgess, R.I.P.

    Funeral arrangements for the Weatherspoons will be held on Saturday at the local zoo's gator pond...
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    Advertising something like this sign..... is seen as a challenge by social degenerates like Witherspoon.

    Never Show Your Hand..... is the best advice untill it's time to..... Call.....then make your move.
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