The close calls

The close calls

This is a discussion on The close calls within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; the first happened in 2000. this was before i was a gunowner, and was quite a liberal anti. i was walking home one night from ...

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Thread: The close calls

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    The close calls

    the first happened in 2000. this was before i was a gunowner, and was quite a liberal anti.
    i was walking home one night from visiting with a relative. on my left was a car wash, to the right a gas station/minimart. two men are walking east through the parking lot of the gas station, i am headed east. a car in the southbound lane of the road i just walked across screeches to a stop about 50 feet away. its to my right, the two men walking towards me are now about 25 feet, and to my left.

    the driver door opens, and a woman steps out and aims a revolver at the two men, firing 3 shots (or so i recall).

    i didnt pay full attention to what the two men did, i sought cover. wasnt much except to run to the other side of the car wash and step inside the main door. as i\'m running for that destiation the woman had gotten back in her car and headed the same way (west through the parking lot between the gas station and the car wash). the two men by this time were chasing the car on foot. as soon as they are out of sight, i make my way to a pay phone to call 911, as did some others who were at the gas station.

    i learned a few weeks later that the shooter was an unhappy customer of the drug dealers, so she tracked them down to \'express her complaints\'.

    the second, occured september 2003. by this time, my philosophy on life had taken a turn for the better. i had become a gunowner, and had been carrying for 9 months.

    i was walking home from the office, had been watching movies i\'d downloaded, and playing some Medal of Honor till early morning.
    i think it was around 4am, on a sunday. i\'m actually approaching the same gas station from the previous encounter. walking south, past an intersection, cutting through the lot of the gas station/minimart. in front of me and to my left, i hear four shots fired. it doesnt register as shots immediately, the thought flashed in my head \"hey, sounds like i\'m at the range\", then i hear *hisssssssssssssssss* followed by three THUD!\'s behind me and to my right.

    then it sinks in, i\'m in the line of fire. i need to take cover. just before the shots rang out, i noticed a couple walking from their car to the minimart. they froze in their tracks at the shots. i start running to get behind something. i choose the beam that holds the roof over the pumps. not very tactical. so i run to get behind the gas station. the couple had a nervous laugh, and proceeded into the minimart.

    its at this point i remember i am armed. i decide not to unholster, as there has been no more shots fired, i have no idea at that moment exactly where they came from, cannot see anyone that could have taken the shots, and the last thing i want is a police unit responding to \'shots fired' to see me emerge from the shadows with a pistol in my hand.

    so i make my way inside the minimart, and tell them to call 911. why they didnt do it immediately, i dont know. a cab driver had also called 911 on his cell phone. it takes about 4 minutes for police to show up, but they dont stop at the gas station, they just circle the neighborhood. a LOT of police were around, over 10 cars responded, no lights/sirens, just swarming the area. after watching them drive by the gas station for the fourth time, i flag one down and tell him where i believe the shots to have come from.

    best i could tell it was either from a hotel on the other side of the street, or from a car driving by. they move in on the hotel.

    i look to where i heard the bullets impacting, its a car rental agency, must have hit the building. i talk with one of the guys working there, he heard the shots and the three impacts as well.
    the police dont come back around, so i give the people inside the minimart my name/number in case the police want to contact me about it. (they never did).

    the next week i was walking home, and stopped at the car rental place to see if they found anything. they only found one bullet, in the ground as they were getting ready to put down some fresh asphalt. nothing was found on the building, or any cars, so where the bullets went, no one knows. i noted where the one bullet was found, and went back to where i heard the shots fired. giving that much, i could determine where the shots had to come from. i\'m positive it came from the balcony of one of the hotel rooms (three story only) and at that distance/lack of light (75 yards/pretty darn dark), it was a random occurrence. maybe it was a drunk just shooting a few rounds off? maybe it was a wannabe thug looking to gain some street cred by shooting a complete stranger?

    2003 was a nasty year up here in peaceful anchorage, alaska. there was a rash of random shootings, most of them police attributed to one thug, and none of them ended up as fatalities, thank god.

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    Man that is some scary stuff so far i havent been shot at or anyone try to car jack me..

    closest i came was 2 gang bangers thinking i might be worth while to rob sizing me up they got close and i unzipped coat to get a hand on my 45 and the one looked at me and said to the other ...\"f this man that Mfer is to big\" other guy said \"f you hes got a gun \"

    Then they slowly walked backwards till they felt they were safe and i wouldnt shoot um in the back i guess..

    Closest ive came and closest i want to come dont want to get shot or shoot anyone .. All this was coming at of walmart in of course a good part of town just as it was getting dark.

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