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This is a discussion on Citizen Responder within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Fraternal Order of Police acknowledges permit holder saving officer's life. From the VCDL Newsletter, 8/2706 The FOP Journal, Volume 11, Issue 4, August 2006 Handicapped ...

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Thread: Citizen Responder

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    Citizen Responder

    Fraternal Order of Police acknowledges permit holder saving officer's life. From the VCDL Newsletter, 8/2706

    The FOP Journal, Volume 11, Issue 4, August 2006

    Handicapped Hero Saves the Day

    On February 17, 2006, Officer Brian Harrison was escorting a funeral
    procession-a routine countless lawmen perform as part of their duty
    to the communities they serve. On this day, what happened on this
    assignment turned out to be anything but a routine event: it quickly
    turned violent.

    Officer Harrison describes the ordeal: "I came into contact with a
    traffic violator, just as all of us have on numerous occasions.

    I approached him with intentions of issuing a citation and continuing
    on with my duties."

    Officer Harrison discovered, instead of accepting the citation and
    moving along, this law breaker turned a simple misdemeanor for
    breaking into a funeral procession into something much more sinister.
    Officer Harrison was attacked, overpowered, and beaten badly. It
    became quickly apparent that the assailant would not cease his
    aggression until his victim was mortally wounded. As the violator and
    the officer struggled over the patrolman's weapon momentum appeared to be shifting in the attacker's favor.

    Several shots rang out; the violator fell limp. Where had the shots
    come from thought Officer Harrison? Assuming it had to be a fellow
    officer coming to his rescue he discovered something else.
    Miraculously, fate intervened in the form of a bystander: A man with
    a gun in one hand and a walking cane in the other.

    Police reports state that Perry Stevens was walking outside of an
    auto parts store when he happened upon the incident. Stevens, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, recognized immediately that the patrolman was in trouble. He retrieved a .45 caliber pistol from his car and verbally addressed the assailant who ignored Steven's commands. Stevens fired four shots into the assailant's torso and again ordered the attacker to cease. The attacker relentlessly continued his aggression towards Officer Harrison. A fifth-and final shot-rang out. The bullet struck the assailant in the head. The
    struggle was over.

    An investigation into the event determined that the shooting was
    justified. But due to the constraints imposed by the investigation,
    it would be sometime after the incident before Officer Harrison would
    be able to personally meet his rescuer.

    "Who was this man that ensured I went home to my family that night? Who was this man that acted with such courage, as others stood by motionless?" said Officer Harrison after the attack. "I had to see and meet him; and I did just that"

    Perry Stevens was recognized and honored at the Louisiana State FOP Conference in July. At the conference Officer Harrison stated:
    "Perry, my family and I are forever in your debt. I now wish to
    introduce you to my other family of brothers and sisters in law
    enforcement. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for standing up when
    most would have run."
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    Amen. That right there justifies issuance of CCWs in Louisiana.
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    i wonder how he feels about ccw now?

    congrats to tht man for making all the right moves and congrats to the leo for honoring Mr. Perry Stevens

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    Send this one to the Brady Bunch.

    It won't change what passes for their collective "mind", because you can lead a whore to culture, but you can't make her think.....

    But it'll make us all feel a little better.

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    I love it !

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    Thats some great information, kind of closing the loop. Glad they decided to honor the guy. We had discussed this when it happened.

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    Great story. Sounds like some good shooting too!

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    I agree, great story & outcome.
    it also displays there is no 'magic' bullet.
    4 shots from a 45 and it finally took 1 to the head to end the struggle! now 1 to the head prolly woud have been enough it it was the first hit but we don't particularly train that way.
    again fine shooting to see the body shots were not effective and make the head shot.

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    Normally, I am reluctant to jump in but in this case awesom. Moreover, shot placement counts.
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    I'd love to know more about distance between Mr. Stevens and the assailant; angle of the shots; did he brace himself with his cane as he took five shots apparently one-handed; etc.....sounds like Mr. Stevens was certainly no neophyte to using a firearm....good for him! Bravo!
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    Nice work Perry Stevens!!!

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    very nice. I feel warm and fuzzy now

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    heck i hope i can shoot like that when i have to use a cane =o)

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    You try this with some nobody on the street, a similiar situation with a life-threatening beating taking place, and sadly it often doesn't end so rosy and wonderful. (Legal shenanigans being what they are, despite clear victim and perp.) Glad that everything seems to be going well, in this one. Must help when police is involved up to its eyeballs, as in this case. Would be nice if every such situation were like this one: clear distinction made between victim and perp; simple justification of self-defense, with a basic and unassailable recognition that the perp caused the situation, not the other way around; no justification for follow-on civil lawsuit, etc., in such situations. It would be so much easier to step up to the "bar" when SHTF to help others, if such were the case.
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