Clerk surprises and shoots burglar.

Clerk surprises and shoots burglar.

This is a discussion on Clerk surprises and shoots burglar. within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Clerk fires at suspect trying to break-in through roof DURHAM (WTVD) -- Authorities in Durham have arrested a suspect after he allegedly tried to break ...

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Thread: Clerk surprises and shoots burglar.

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    Clerk surprises and shoots burglar.

    Clerk fires at suspect trying to break-in through roof

    DURHAM (WTVD) -- Authorities in Durham have arrested a suspect after he allegedly tried to break into a convenience store after hours, but was surprised by a clerk who shot at him.

    It happened just after 2:30 a.m. Friday at the M&M shop at the corner of North Mangum and West Corporation streets.

    The store was closed at the time, but the clerk told ABC11 that he was guarding the business after another suspect made a hole in the roof days earlier and stole from the cash register, according to the owner who caught it all on surveillance video.

    Despite an alarm system and a quick police response, that suspect got away.

    Frustrated, the store owner spent the night Thursday to protect the business. He said he was awaken during the early morning hours when another man tried to sneak in through the roof. It was then he told a 911 operator that he fired shots at the suspect, hitting him in the foot.

    By the time police officers arrived, the wounded suspect had already fled the scene, but he didn't get far.
    Clerk fires at suspect trying to break-in through roof |

    I bet he was easy to find also.
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    Glad to hear that this repeat offender was caught because the sheep dog fought back.

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    Go for the business owner.

    I hope the criminal's foot has to be amputated.

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    The right guy got hurt this time. Nice to hear that the BG got some lead poisoning.
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    you think he would have fixed the hole after the first break in

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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post


    All the police had to do was holler, "Hoppy, oh Hoppy where are you"???

    Stupid knuckledraggers never learn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barstoolguru View Post
    you think he would have fixed the hole after the first break in

    Awww....c' got to leave some bait out in order to catch a perpetrator!

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    Go Subscribe to "TheArmedCitizen" YouTube channel. Huge compilation of these videos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barstoolguru View Post
    you think he would have fixed the hole after the first break in
    Sounds like the store owner wanted Justice

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    Glad they got that "GIRLEY MAN"! Shot in the foot, well, it could have been worse.
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    Why has no one here questioned why the intruder was shot in the first place? What threat of violence was the store owner reacting to?

    I just hope the store owner does not get charged or sued.
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    Why? Because many here may align themselves with Uncle Ted..."No repeat offenders, just dead offenders."
    Should he have waited until the dirtbag fully entered and then see if he was going to be violent or not?

    No one invited the dirtbag in to rob, steal, or worse...he got what he got...end of story!
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    The clerk should have let him get a little further into the building and shot him higher up than in the foot.

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    Ha. The place was on Magnum street.

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    This is how we roll.

    NY: Janitor blast kills grocery store punk: "Supermarket janitor Angel Candido grabbed a shotgun early yesterday and fatally blasted a burglar who tried to clean out the store in the middle of the night, cops said. Candido, who was working an overnight shift at the Met market at Jamaica Avenue and 173rd Street, was taking an authorized catnap in a crawl space below the store’s office when he suddenly awoke up at 2 a.m. to see two men drop from the ceiling. He watched silently as the burglars, who had cut a hole in the roof, made their way to the office safe. Then the hardworking employee grabbed hold of the weapon — which he keeps with him when he sleeps — and fired a single blast. Mamadou Koureichi, 27, of 88-09 148th St., was pronounced dead at the scene with a wound to the torso. His unidentified accomplice fled, leaving the burglary tools behind.
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