Bad: Man shot over shoes

Bad: Man shot over shoes

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Thread: Bad: Man shot over shoes

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    Bad: Man shot over shoes

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    Sad story. Im amazed at how cheap life has become for some....
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    There are animals out there. Animals who will prey on the weak and defenseless. Animals who should be removed from society by means appropriate.

    Prayers for this poor mother who must bury her son.
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    Robbery 101: When you are unarmed, and untrained you're in no position to argue when there's a gun pointed at you.

    Very sad event. Thugs should have been gunned down, but when the victim is only 18, that's not plausible. He should have given up the shoes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryball View Post
    Sad story. Im amazed at how cheap life has become for some....


    You can't trust knuckledraggers to follow the path of least resistence.
    Pee on their Wheaties, they will get their panties in a bunch 'cause you "DISSED 'EM", and they're gonna gun you down.

    Wonder why the victim jumped from the fire into the frying pan. I'll concede leaving Chicago was wise, but IDK if going to Gary was all too prudent.
    Prayers sent to the family, it ain't right to have to bury one so young under such conditions.
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    It is a sad state of affairs that some have to do these things. It seems to be getting worse.

    Yet, it is the "all about me" philosophy that some ascribe to. They live for the moment and have cheapend not only the lives of others, but their own as well. If they think that their life is not worth more than a pair of shoes, then it most likely isn't and they will kill someone with absolutely no remorse other than getting caught. That will be the only sorrow they feel.

    They live moment by moment scrounging for the things they value and not for the valuable things. Things like the right to another person's existence or life.

    I hate to say it, but those who live according to this should be put out of their misery immediately after the trial. They have proven beyond a doubt that they have surrendered their humanity for something else.

    A pair of shoes.
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    I'd give them my shoes,they can get a brand new pair in Walmart for around $20.00,I have never and will never pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of tennis shoes,when people start putting their self worth in perishable items instead of good character assets bad things will happen
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    Hopefully arrangements will be for these dirtbags to meet their maker...REAL SOON!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    GARY, Ind. -- A Chicago man who recently moved to Indiana to try to turn his life around was killed after refusing to hand over his sneakers to an armed robber, MyFoxChicago reports.
    Sad story. I have to wonder who the heck moves to Gary, Indiana to turn his life around?

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    Pretty sad what human life is worth these days. I hope they are caught.
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