Texas Homeowner Guns Down Teen Burglar

Texas Homeowner Guns Down Teen Burglar

This is a discussion on Texas Homeowner Guns Down Teen Burglar within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Three youngsters rang the doorbell and then ran to the back of the home, prompting the homeowner to call 911. The trio then allegedly kicked ...

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Thread: Texas Homeowner Guns Down Teen Burglar

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    Texas Homeowner Guns Down Teen Burglar

    Three youngsters rang the doorbell and then ran to the back of the home, prompting the homeowner to call 911.

    The trio then allegedly kicked in the back door and entered the home, where the unidentified resident opened fire, killing 14-year-old Luis Avila.[...]

    Neighbors said they saw a couple of kids who looked like they were up to no good running from the house. They also heard five gunshots, a pause and then three more shots.

    Texas Homeowner Lee Cobbler Shoots 14-Year-Old Luis Avila During Bungled Burglary Attempt in Dallas Fort-Worth | Video | TheBlaze.com
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    Old enough to know better, old enough to own your actions, old enough to be a nice sized target.
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    You want to act like an adult, You can pay like an adult.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DontTreadOnI View Post
    Old enough to know better, old enough to own your actions, old enough to be a nice sized target.
    I agree. I saw a video the other day where a 13 year old was charged with over 100 crimes; some were serious felonies!

    13 year old boy charged with 100 crimes - YouTube

    If you are old enough to break into someone's house, you are old enough to get shot for it (assuming the homeowner is in fear for his/her life).
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    I'm disgusted with how the reporter or editor picked the headline out for this story. It is clear they are attempting to sway readers against the homeowner. From reading the article I believe the correct title should have been, Homeowner defends himself during home invasion.

    The article did say that no charges had been filed as yet. I hope that when charges are filed that they will include felony murder charges against the accomplices of the one who died. They were directly responsible for their friends death.

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    they sure didn't want to say the homeowner was right. "We are not sure if there will be any charges filed against the homeowner but in the state of Texas you can defend your property with deadly force"

    I don't have a legal degree but it sounds like he said the homeowner was in the right so why put them through the BS of tell them they don't know?

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    Shows the contempt from the news outlet/reporter, stating the homeowners name.

    Hopefully the little knuckledraggers are not card carrying gang-bangers.

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    Texas laws after dark should be copied in all 50 states.
    Careful where you wander when you're up to no good.
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    Why can't the reporters get it right. It was a Texas speed summons.
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    The headlines are disgustingly slanted ... to no surpirse. Luis Avila was NOT "gunned down"!!! He was a threat in the comission of a crime, and was shot as a result by the would be victim to stop that threat.

    John Lennon was "gunned down", not Luis Avila !!
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    The Morning Reporter for Channel 4 Fox News, Dan Godwin, said in this mornings report that the Homeower was defending himself in this incident, and would most likely be "No Billed" for defending himself in this attack inside his home.
    I think Dan has got more commom sense than the rest of the news crews combined!
    I tried to find a link to his morning report but couldn't dig it up for you.

    It looks like the 14 year old was presented his Copper Clad Early Retirement Criminal Award before lunch!

    And it goes without saying his family will be presented his granite plague with dirt blanket overlay in a public ceremony later.
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    Sad, should have learned better by 14!
    You can educate ignorance, you can't fix stupid
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    Why can't people figure this out: Stay out of other people's houses. It's a sad story for the parents of the 14 yr. old. But come on.

    I have a wife and a 9 year old daughter here, and if a BG or multiple BG's gain entry, I'm sorry, I'm not asking how old they are. Just sayin'
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    It sad in the sense that at 14 you know better but most still do stupid **** at that age....I know I got into my fair share of mischief all through high school, although I never did anything like this. With a few more years of wisdom he might have wised up.

    But with that being said, I would have done the same thing as the home owners. When someone is kicking in your back door you dont have time to start worrying how old are they, are they armed, armed with what kind of weapon, etc.....you just point and shoot IMO. If your in my home I am not taking any chances with my families lives, your gone.

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