Ad&D Insurance-Coverage if Shot?

Ad&D Insurance-Coverage if Shot?

This is a discussion on Ad&D Insurance-Coverage if Shot? within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I started thinking about this subject when reading the post on the Cracker Barrel shooting. I did not want to hijack the thread so I ...

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Thread: Ad&D Insurance-Coverage if Shot?

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    Ad&D Insurance-Coverage if Shot?

    I started thinking about this subject when reading the post on the Cracker Barrel shooting. I did not want to hijack the thread so I thought I would start this "spin off" here.

    Having been in the insurance claims industry for over 30 years, I got to thinking about this. Say you are in the other side of the establishment and a shooter starts taking people out. You draw your weapon and proceed to approach the area where the "action" is with the intent of intervening. Unfortunatly, you get shot and die (or are severly wounded). You have an accidental death and dismembership policy along with standard life insurance. While I believe the life policy would pay, my claims brain asks wether the AD&D would pay. Was your death an "accident"? Of course, it would be very fact specific (what an investigation assignment that would be...) I realize specific policy wording would control, but I have never seen wording that would be point on in this instance.

    Any thoughts? I would appreciate any input especially from others in the industry. This may morph into an article for one of the trade journals if I have the time.
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    Just a guess, but in the scenario you gave, where you drew your weapon and headed to the shooting, your claim would be denied. You intentionally put yourself into harms way. If on the other hand, you were hit by a stray bullet fired by the shooter, it should pay off. IANAL or associated with an insurance company, so take my opinion for what it's worth.
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    Maybe an insurance person can pipe in but an accidental death is one that is not natural. I am sure there may be exceptions.

    What about health insurance? Will they cover injuries if you are the aggressor?

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    I think it would depend on how its underwritten. Things have changed since I was in the business.
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