Bad: Carpool(?) robbery

Bad: Carpool(?) robbery

This is a discussion on Bad: Carpool(?) robbery within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Early morning, on the way to work (a reasonable guess). Victim is waiting outside her friend's home. Man slides in passenger seat with a gun... ...

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Thread: Bad: Carpool(?) robbery

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    Bad: Carpool(?) robbery

    Early morning, on the way to work (a reasonable guess). Victim is waiting outside her friend's home. Man slides in passenger seat with a gun... Friend comes out of the house... Thug one and his accomplice accompany both ladies to the house, have them lay down, and leave.

    Story here
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Ladies are very lucky!
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    One reason why I do not leave my car doors unlocked unless leaving or entering. They are locked at all other times, anywhere I am. I have gotten my wife and kids into that habit as well. It would appear that she may not have had good SA as well but not much you can do when confronted by a BG with a gun, unless you are ready for them.
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    I had a hooker try to get in my car once when I was driving the car pool. While I was waiting for a friend to lock the front door and get in my car she walked up, opened the passenger door and started to get in. I told her to get out, buzz off. She was shocked and stood frozen for a second or two confused.
    She said she saw me pull over to the curb in front of her as she was walking. She then saw me reach over and unlock the passenger door and she assumed I wanted to pick her up. She was wrong.

    The moral of the story is that, even though she was walking down the sidewalk in plain sight, I never saw her until she had my door open and was getting in. I was completely focused in on my buddy locking the door and not on anything else around me.

    I can see how in many cases a BG could just walk right up, open the door and hop in. Most people aren't looking for the unexpected.

    These girls are lucky to be alive!
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    Wow those girls are blessed that they only wanted the car,
    On the way home from the hospital tonight my friend ran into the store for me to get some things since I'm gonna be laid up.he left the truck running and doors unlocked,I was unarmed since my little incident.I locked the doors and really wish I had him run by my house and grab M&P45c just to be safe
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    They are fortunate this was not in Detroit, chances of them dirtnapping would be very great about now.
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    "how did he get out of Florida" or "Obama sure has lots of children"

    tune in next week when this news will be forgotten and new travesties reported.


    SA don't stop when you ( or the car) does.

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