BAD: Pizza delivery man robbed

BAD: Pizza delivery man robbed

This is a discussion on BAD: Pizza delivery man robbed within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Delivering pizzas in the D is definitely a high risk occupation. Detroit pizza delivery man robbed, beaten, carjacked at home on Cherrylawn Avenue...

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Thread: BAD: Pizza delivery man robbed

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    BAD: Pizza delivery man robbed

    Delivering pizzas in the D is definitely a high risk occupation.

    Detroit pizza delivery man robbed, beaten, carjacked at home on Cherrylawn Avenue
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    That's a tough one to deal with.

    First off, I wouldn't be delivering pizza's without being armed. Same as if I worked at a convenience store. Also if I worked in those jobs, I would be practicing my draw on a daily basis before going to work.

    This guy got took from behind by a shotgun wielding thug. Having your head on a swivel may have alerted him to the ambush. You have to be very cautious when approaching a residence to deliver a pizza. You have to be ready for anything the moment you step out of your car.

    I'm glad this poor guy didn't get his head blown off. Sucks all the way around.
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    Robbed, beaten and carjacked in Detroit? Who'd thunk it
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    I know it shouldn't make any difference, but it just makes me all the more upset that this was a 55 yr-old disabled army vet.

    This man had swallowed pride, and was doing his best to make ends meet delivering pizza of all things, and this is what he gets.
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    Pizza delivery persons are easy prey for robbery. Their life expectancy probaby now a days would be about as long as a door gunner in a Huey.

    Unless drivers can be legally armed so they can defend themselves against robbery, then this will continue. Thugs want easy prey so they can have an easy robbery. An armed delivery person just might "reduce" the number of thugs but until they realize drivers could potentially kill them during said robbery, the trend will continue. If it becomes difficult to rob someone, these thugs may go elsewhere for their prey or stop this.
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    to easy of a target,; it comes to you with money and dinner

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    food delivery is a very dangerous job. Terrible, glad it didn't turn out worse though.

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    One has to be careful where you ARE in anywhere within the city limits.

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    This is the NEW definition of the "Dee"

    Woman carjacked in 'bump and run' on Lodge Service Drive in Detroit | news - Home

    A Farmington Hills woman driving a Challenger was exiting the Lodge near Milwaukee in Detroit when she was bumped from behind by two teenagers in another car


    Similar situation on Monday in Dearborn:

    A woman was carjacked on Monday when she was struck on the Southfield Freeway near Oakwood in Dearborn.

    The suspects later crashed her vehicle in Ferndale.

    Teens charged as adults in rash of carjackings, shooting of 6-year-old
    Teens charged as adults in rash of carjackings, shooting of 6-year-old | news - Home

    Th list goes on and on.

    Monday, a guy broke down on the frwy. early morning, thugs came down the grass embankment, stuck a gun in his face, he had a pistol, was unprepared, they stole his gun and robbed him.
    Same day, thugs ride up next to a car, in a car they just jacked, point a rifle at the driver, he peels out, calls 9 11, they direct him to a police station, thugs follow into the parking lot, and were promptly surrounded by cops.
    Next day a 60-something yr. old lady is driving her 80-something yr. old dad, they get bumped, stop, thugs pull a gun, haul them out of their car, and take victims car.
    These thugs are trying to get Detroit re-named as the carjacking capitol of the world or something.
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    I'll just say I agree with WHEC. Beyond that anything I say may get me booted off this forum.

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    Rich Davis - the guy who first developed soft body armor - got his inspiration from being robbed and shot delivering pizzas in Detroit c. 1969. Guess little has changed in 40+ years.
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